Friday, April 10, 2009


Yesterday was Brendan's nineteenth birthday.

I waited all day, hoping to hear from him, but you know how that goes! This is the first time he has not been handy for his birthday, so it felt a bit strange. I called him early and left a message on his voicemail, and mailed him a prezzie in time for it to get there yesterday.

Hopefully, he was just having entirely too much fun to email his mom.


  1. Keep calling, send him a text, call again.

    Thats what I did with my baby brother last week (he turned 27). Then I called him on private and he FINALLY answered, and I said Happy Birthday Jerk! You didnt get my present and card?

  2. I have two sons--your story made me just nod in agreement.

    My solution is to remember all the years that I was the central figure in making their birthdays a feast day!! And those memories always make me smile.

    You are right--he was out having a lot of fun.

  3. Boy do I know how you feel! I'm sure he was just out having fun.
    Eric's boys only call us when they need something now that they no longer are living at home..And we always have to plan their b-day parties for family on a different day then the one they were born on because they are just too "BUSY" on their special day..guess it's part of growing up. I really don't think they will understand how we feel till they have their own kids do it to them. HUGS