Saturday, April 11, 2009

Baseball Season in Round Rock!

Round Rock's Triple A baseball team, the Express, opened its season tonight.

I don't know who won the game. I didn't go. I did, however, go to Kaye's for friends, fun and fireworks. She has a great view of the ball field and the fireworks.

Many thanks to Kaye and Lou for inviting me over, and a special shout-out to Marcello, who wants to pet a fish.

Marcello is five, an age at which all things are possible.


  1. I am experimenting with pictures of fireworks. I took about 45 and got maybe half a dozen keepers.

  2. Great pics! Maybe one day he can swim with the dolphins in Florida!

  3. It's not too hard to pet a fish -- many koi are that friendly.
    Dolphins, of course, are not fish -- though at SeaWorld, if you trade a fish (dead fish don't count for pets, do they?) you MIGHT be able to pet them. But no gratuitous pets ... they're mercenaries. No fish, no pets. MAYBE a just out of reach howdy-hi. [Trust me on this, though I got some good photos yesterday.]
    Should he ever find himself in Crescent City, CA, at the aquarium there you can pet a dogfish (leopard shark pup). It liked Reid, especially. Don't know if it's something about our red hair or what, but critters do tend to like us.
    Other aquariums have ray petting stations (they feel like dolphins, but are, indeed, fish) and other hands-on things for the adventurous.
    So fish petting doesn't take a miracle...just being in the right spot with a willing fin-friend. bless his hopeful heart.