Monday, April 20, 2009

Side Note

Any of you who know me, know I couldn't go to a concert without having something to grumble about (apart from the seats in the Erwin Center, which are obviously designed for people 4'11" tall).

There was a small group of people sitting directly behind us. One of their number was noticing (at length) that there were empty seats below us which (I guess) had not been available when she bought her tickets. As the house lights went down, she leaned over to the person next to her and said, "Do you like my earrings? I got them in Switzerland!"

Dearly Beloved, I swear that the Devil made me do it. Without missing a beat, I leaned in to Vanessa and said, "Do you like my earrings? I got them at Walmart!"

Vanessa actually gave that a beat before she came back with a laugh, and "You're going to burn in Hell!"


  1. Was it at least the Walmart in Maui? :)

  2. Only if Steph or Stacey sent them to me!

  3. Oh your just too funny! you remeind me of one of my best friends,she always says funny stuff that makes me laugh!
    I would have probably peed myself laughing if I had been there...