Monday, April 20, 2009

Celtic Woman

Celtic Woman

The show was wonderful!

For her birthday, Vanessa took me to see Celtic Woman. I've seen them on PBS, and have one of their CD's, which I play in the car. A lot.

The show was wonderful!

The fiddler started the show, and, with her fluttering white skirts and heavenly playing, was the essence of Air. I am not quite certain that gravity has the same effect on her that it does on the rest of us mere mortals.

Earth is the band, consisting of half a dozen or so musicians, with a whole lot of drums, and the chorus. Six singers; three of each gender, provide the background voices.

The four women, in their gowns of red, orange, green and blue, and their interweaving of voice and movement, gave us fire and water.

I knew that I would get emotional, hearing this soaring music. I should have taken more tissues, or maybe a towel. I have to tell you that, while all the songs were magnificent, the way they sang "Danny Boy" could make a doorknob cry.

Did I mention that the show was wonderful?

Thank you, Vanessa!

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