Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Spot of Weather

Sorry about the scrub brush. It was the closest thing I could grab to show size. Remind me to keep a ruler by the front door...

This was a very short storm. The sun is now shining, and a cool north wind is blowing through the house.

There are two domed skylights in my living room, and, let me tell sounded like the Fourth of July in here. I had to pry the cats down off the curtain rods. except for Quinn, who hasn't come out from behind the fridge yet.

Thank you Jim, for very well-built skylights.


  1. Is that HAIL that big? Did your car get dents?

  2. Nope! Thank goodness!

    But my skylights are ruined. They are two layers of plexiglass and the outer layer is broken.

  3. OMG! and I thought our hail was big! glad your car didn't get about your skylights though..