Tuesday, March 31, 2009

One Act Play Contest

"Iphigenia In Aulis" didn't advance. I'm disappointed for the Round Rock High school directors and for their cast, but the show was very good. The entire Chorus made Alternate Cast, making this year's Alternate Cast the largest in a long time! Congratulations to Hannah Dunnington and Logan Wright for their All Star Cast Awards, and to Ismael Soto for his Tech award.

It was a beautiful show.

Congratulations to Leander High school and Vista Ridge High School on their advancement.

I loved "Armitage," although there seemed to be issues with the lights. The lighting for this show is very complicated, and I think the techies would benefit by being allowed more rehearsal time, especially in an auditorium that has not been used for contest up to now. "Armitage" is a very complex show, and Leander did a fantastic job of it. The Best Actor award went to Evan Nasky, the lead in the show. Go, Leander!

This is Vista Ridge's first year competing at the AAAAA level. Their show, "Dearly Departed," is visual comfort food for anyone who has grown up in a small town in the South. (Bless your heart!) As well as advancing, Abby Lincoln garnered the Best Actress award. Congratulations to Dona and Darla, the directors there.

McNeil presented a favourite of mine, "The Madwoman of Chaillot," and it was very well done. Costumes are a specialty of their director (she sells period costumes, custom made, on her website), and this show was no exception.

Apart from the disappointment that Round Rock did not advance, I had a very enjoyable evening!

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