Friday, February 27, 2009


Some of the roads around here need some serious help.

Specifically, Hwy 79, between North Mays and IH 35. Even more specifically, westbound at rush hour. When I come south on Mays to get home from the shop, it's usually about 6:10 PM. I wind up having to wait through two or three lights at 79. Why? Because the traffic fills up the entire block between the stoplight at Mays and the stoplight at the access road. And the idiots fill up the intersection, so that, even when I get a green light, I can't go anywhere, because my way is blocked by cars.

When I'm in front, I honk until they either move, or the light changes. I don't care that they have nowhere to go. I have somewhere to go and can't get there, because of these inconsiderate jerks. They don't even have a sign there, saying "Do not block intersection." Not that it would do any good.

I did see somebody get pulled over the other day. There was a police car westbound on 79, stopped at the light. When we started honking at the car in the way, the officer made its driver pull over into the parking lot of the old HEB.

I need somebody to install my new horns on the Miata.

That'll get 'em!

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  1. LOL, they have do not block the box laws in NYC, which do not work. Seriously, if you are going and traffic stops while you are in the middle of the intersection where are you to go?

    They ALSO have do not honk laws, which they DO enforce. Because well people LIVE there and who wants to hear horns for 3 hours every rush hour.