Friday, February 27, 2009

The Temperature Plummets

Today, it was almost ninety degrees here. I had the top down. Tonight, a norther is going to blow in. It's now in the fifties, and, by tomorrow, it will only be in the sixties, with north winds, gusting to 40 mph.

Such is February in Central Texas. This is why I keep a jacket in the car from October to March.

Still, it doesn't look as if I will get to wear my new Crocs boots that Vanessa got me, nor the lovely leather driving gloves from Barb. I will put both in the cedar chest for next Winter. In case I forget where they are, you'll remind me, right?


  1. Oh dont even! :P

    wrapping up tighter in my nerdy Snuggie. Booklight not needed at this point since the POWER is still on lol.

  2. Hooterville has had a strange winter. We've had snow--in mid December we were snowed in! One day it will be cold and I'll be stoking the wood stove day and night and the next I'll have to turn on the fan to cool off.

    I admit I like the diversity, but it plays he** on my sinuses.

  3. Indiana=rain. More rain with high winds. Cold freezing rains. Three snowflakes, which close the state. 45 degrees one day, 60 the next and 22 the following.

    I just want to see some sunshine, damnit!