Saturday, February 07, 2009

Some Good News

In the sad case of Michelle Young, a positive step: Michelle's sister has just gained custody of her daughter, Cassidy.

Ever since Michelle's sister found her, beaten to death in her bedroom, with Cassidy tracking her mother's blood about and trying to help her with band aids and washcloths, the child has been in the custody of her father, the main suspect in his wife's murder. Michelle's family has had very few visits with her, and their gifts have been returned. This has been going on for over two years.

With no criminal charges yet filed, Michelle's mother, Linda Fisher, applied to be the executor of her daughter's Will, and Jason allowed that to go through without argument. Once appointed executor, Linda was free to pursue a Civil suit for Wrongful Death. Jason didn't answer that, either, and was declared to be Michelle's slayer. Armed with that judgment, Linda and Meredith next applied for custody of Cassidy. In the court documents, Meredith is to have physical custody of Cassidy, with Jason having the usual every-other-weekend and designated holidays. I'm thinking Linda may move to Raleigh in order to share more of her life with her only grandchild.


  1. I dont know. I have mixed feelings about this. For the childs sake, am not sure this is in her best interest.

    Like it or not. Her father HAS been a constant in her life. And her step mom too.

  2. Melissa, she has on stepmom. Are you thinking of a different case?

    There is a transition period where she will spend a few days at a time with Auntie Meredith, a total of six times between now and August, when the transfer is complete. then she gets holidays and weekend visits with her father's family, at least until he is arrested. Then, I'm sure the agreement will be reworked to allow visits with his family.

  3. No, I am not thinking of a different case. I am thinking the STEP-mom is the only one she knows.

    My father is technically my step, but since he raised me since I was VERY small I dont consider him as such.

  4. Melissa, she has no stepmom. Jason has never remarried.

  5. GAH! I an apparently not familiar with the basics. I thought he remarried.

  6. Jason is, at some point, going to be arrested for Michelle's murder. I have faith.