Saturday, February 07, 2009

Send In the Clowns

Public memorial Set for Caylee Anthony.
At a press conference Friday, Brad Conway said his clients, George and Cindy Anthony, will be in attendance at the service.

Conway hopes the public will respect both the family and what this memorial really means, as it's the first opportunity for them to begin their grieving process in saying goodbye to their granddaughter.

Oh, Puleeze!

They've been holding off on this for a long time. Caylee's remains were found December 11th, 2008. It took a while to identify them, forensically, but we knew. If we knew, they knew. I think they "knew" when they smelled the human decomposition in Casey's car. From July to December, George and Cindy Anthony were all over the TV talk shows, and the news, and speaking in person to the people hanging out in the street in front of their house. "Not my granddaughter!" "Caylee is alive!" "The party pics of Casey were from before Caylee disappeared!" Yada, yada...since then, they shut up.

First, there was the autopsy. Then there was the defense autopsy. What the defense expected to gain by having a second autopsy is anyone's guess. Technically, you can't even really call either examination of the remains an autopsy, because there were no organs to examine. Just bones.

So, anyway, Baez (Casey's criminal lawyer), supposedly received the remains on the 23rd of December. since then, there have been various rumours about the disposition of little Caylee. Some have said that her body has been sitting in a box in a strip mall, low rent funeral home, and others, that she has already been cremated, and is now in an urn at the Anthony residence. Still others have said that Casey and Cindy continue their endless game of tug-o-war over control of any proposed memorial.

It has also been suggested that a media outlet (cough...FOX...cough) offered big bucks to film a memorial if Casey could be there, too.

Like the jail officials are going to allow that!

The linked article also states:
Conway also mentioned there are a number of people who are not welcome at this public service. He wouldn't elaborate, but said they know who they are.

Cindy has already publicly stated that Leonard Padilla will not be welcome, and neither will the mother (or is it grandmother) of the little girl with whom Casey exchanged gifts and emails while out on bail. I'm guessing that Tim Miller is also on the list of "Unwelcomes." Cindy lambasted him more than once for insisting on searching for Caylee, dead or alive.

Rules, rules, rules. No cameras. No cell phones. Metal detectors.

Can't have any bootleg footage going out there, can we? FOX is paying the big bucks for an exclusive!

CNN gets in on the act.

Conway said the family will block some people from attending the service. "They know who they are, they will be respectively turned away," he said.

People, this man is a lawyer, trained to be precise in his communication, and yet, he can't tell the difference between "respective" and "respectful?" I believe the quote should read, "respectfully turned away."

Cue circus music.


  1. What a joke this service is. This mother and grandmother get to prance around like a queen and get attention. Who get invited or uninvited to a memorial service?? Who in the hell do they think they are except for murderers.

  2. He got it right "kind of". If he had said turned away respectively it would have been correct. Right?

  3. Melissa, I believe he meant "respectfully," as in, "in a respectful manner."

    "Understand the meaning of respectively. It means in a specifically stated order. For example, "Susie's brothers Jimmy and Johnny are 10 and 12, respectively." In the context of this sentence, Jimmy is 10 and Johnny is 12."