Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Secret Compartment

I have always wanted one of these. This one is really cool...a large tiger eye cabochon decorates the top, surrounded by 13 silver flowers. The petals are made from coiled silver. The silver marks are on the bale, and there's an eagle stamp but it's partly obscured by a maker's mark I don't recognize. I guess I have to dig out my books on Mexican silver.

Someday, I shall use it in a play.


  1. That is beautiful, Ronni. I have nothing of any real value.

  2. Wow, that's really pretty! I'd do some research online. Start by typing the maker into Google! It's so much faster. I've been catagorizing a lot of my antiques just these last few weeks and am really surprised how many valuable as well as beautiful things I have. Lots of depression glass of all kinds, some jewelry, a 1920 toaster.