Thursday, February 19, 2009

Document Dump--One of the Pictures

I love that name for the tons of discovery that Florida's Sunshine Law ensures that we get.

Scared Monkeys has links to news stories with pictures, and, if you go here, you will find links to the actual documents.

Most everything has been covered at other sites. Casey's unfortunate bout of hyperventilation upon hearing the news of remains being found alongside Suburban Drive, items found with Caylee's remains matching items at the Anthony residence, etc. Most of it is comprised of painstaking lists of evidence collected and documented. Just so Baez can't scream, "Taint!"


This picture chuffs me to no end. Earlier, there was a picture released that shows a fuzzy version of this image. On various crime forums, pages and pages were devoted to discussion of this. People really wanted it to be the book that Caylee was "reading" in one of the videos played endlessly on Nancy Grace. I followed the discussion until I got thoroughly bored with it, and would occasionally remind people that, if it were Caylee's book, it would be a lump of paper mache after being under water and out in the weather for six months or so. Therefore, it could not be the book.

Folks were so into this. Searches for the book were run, and a few people managed to get hold of a copy (it's out of print). It was pored over, trying to match the pictures in the book with that fuzzy image that I can no longer find. There are some awesome internet sleuths on several crime message boards!

But still. I know it's petty, but here's the proof. I was right.

(photo from Orlando Sentinel website)

ETA: Perhaps I was misleading. There was a crime scene photo from an earlier dump that showed what appears to be the same object. When blown up for a closer look, the image was too fuzzy to tell what it was. I did not mean to imply that I had seen a different version of the same image. Apologies for any misunderstanding.


  1. that is not the same picture which was released in the earlier doc dump. I have compared them side by side. The book pic has no writing at all.

  2. I can send the pics if you wish to compare them. I don't have your address though.

  3. Of course it's not the same picture. It is, however, a picture of the same object.

    Please do send it. If you click on my profile picture, you will see a link that says "email." click on that to send me an email.

    Frankly, the earlier picture was to blurry to see what it had on it. Even the leaves looked like part of the illustration.

  4. These investigators have done a wonderful job on this case. Wonder what Kenny-Baden is doing on the case?

  5. She just lines up alongside of Baez, and spouts the "Anthony Line." I think it will be more interesting to find out how these folks are getting paid! There are rumours that the story and pictures are being sold to pay for Casey's defense.

  6. Have a good weekend, Ronni. I'll check in on Monday.

  7. Anonymous, did you happen to find that picture?