Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Peanut Rant

What do you think of, when you think of peanut butter? Is it comfort food for you? something that takes you back to childhood?

You know what I think of? Cheap protein. I was a struggling single mom for many of the years my kids were small. I was a huge fan of any form of cheap protein. I could fix the kids a peanut butter and jam sandwich on whole wheat bread, and feel good about what they were eating.

Now, not so much.

Peanut Corp. President Refuses to Testify to Congress, reads the headline.
Washington — Peanut Corp. of America knew of salmonella contamination within its Blakely plant even while federal officials were tracking the national salmonella outbreak, but apparently put profits ahead of public safety, according to documents and testimony presented at a congressional subcommittee hearing Wednesday.

They KNEW there was salmonella at the plant. They KNEW! And yet, they still sent it out.

What? Did they think salmonella is a hit-or-miss sort of thing? That nobody would notice? That all the little salmo's and nella's were just going to die of old age before the stuff got put in something that actually gets eaten?

I am livid! Do you know what kids get at school if they forget their lunches or lunch money? A peanut butter sandwich! Do you know what old people buy, because they can no longer afford steak, and tuna has mercury? Peanut butter!

I am so angry, I'm sputtering!
• In one e-mail, Lightsey wrote Parnell discussing positive salmonella tests on its products, but Parnell gave instructions to nonetheless “turn them loose” after getting a negative test result from another testing company, according to testimony.

• In another e-mail, Parnell expressed his concerns over losing “$$$$$$” due to delays in shipment and costs of testing.

• Parnell in another company-wide e-mail told employees there was no salmonella in its plants, instead accusing the news media of “looking for a news story where there currently isn’t one.”

...And Stewart Parnell and Sammy Lightsey, the president of the corporation and manager of the contaminated plant, respectively, have the BALLS to stand before Congress and invoke their Fifth Amendment Rights!

This is like an attack deliberately launched on the poor, the elders and the children, all in the name of profit. And these guys get to WALK???????????????

I don't think so!

Death toll: 9, currently.
Ill: over 600.


If either of these guys happened to be a Moslem, thousands would be screaming, "TERRORISM!" from the rooftops!


  1. Ironially the same group of people that are also in the same risk group of getting sick.

  2. I couldn't begin to imagine the number of PB&Js I've made in my life. Mia eats peanut butter toast nearly every morning, and PB&J is a lunch staple. We always have it in the cupboard, always.

    As well as affecting the elderly and children, peanut products are used in the production of so many other foods.

    This is criminal and should be prosecuted, all the way.

  3. OMG!!! WE eat a German brand. Well I hope it is....

  4. Apparently, this company markets straight to wholesalers; those who make institutional peanut butter products. Schools, old people's homes, candy manufacturers, etc. They have said on the news that it's unlikely to be in your peanut butter cups, etc.

  5. I'm on a Recall mailing list for the FDA. Companies have been recalling anything and everything with peanuts or peanut butter in it since January.

    Watching the good ol' peanut-brained criminals plea the 5th on TV while a congressman held up a large jar of peanut product sealed with "police tape" and asking them if they would like to eat the contents just made my day.

    There will be criminal charges filed. I'm sure of that.

  6. Bah! URL was too long, so I've used Tinyurl to get this one.

    Here is a list from the FDA site of recalled items. There are probably a couple hundred.

    Peanut butter such as Skippy, Jif, etc., were not affected as they apparently don't get their peanut paste from PCA.

  7. I dont like peanut butter--but I love peanut butter pie--and used to make it once a year when the kids were still at home.


  8. Thanks for the list, Deege! That's just scary! I have never bought national brand peanut butter. always house brand, or whatever's cheapest that doesn't have any sugar.

  9. Peanut Corp. of America filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy. They listed less than $10 million in assets and debt. This means that, for the nine dead and over 600 sickened, there will be no financial restitution.

    You're right. It's terrorism. Parnell Stewart et al should be held personally accountable to both the individuals and the companies they've harmed.

  10. I don't eat peanut butter myself,but the guys do. I was so shocked at this,it all comes down to money these days,no one really cares who they hurt to get it either. I hope they really teach them a lesson.