Monday, February 09, 2009

Caylee Marie Anthony, 8/9/2005-6/16/2008

Caylee Marie Anthony was born to Casey Marie Anthony on the ninth of August, 2005, in Orlando, FL. For nearly three years, she lit up the lives of her uncle, Lee Anthony, and her grandparents, George and Cindy Anthony. Caylee also brought joy to the lives of two sets of Great-grandparents, Ruth and Lee Anthony and Alex and Shirley Plesea.

She was smart, articulate and loving. She lit up the room with her smile, and melted hearts with her song.

Sometime in the middle of June, 2008, Caylee's precious life was taken.

Many mourn her who never knew her. We mourn for what could and should have been. She should have seen more than two birthdays and three Christmases. She should have gone to school, been in Christmas programs, theater productions, track meets. She should have sold Girl Scout cookies, gone shopping for prom dresses, and fought with her mother over rules, homework and boyfriends. She should have graduated from college, and made her contribution to her community and country.

Instead, her tiny light was snuffed out before its flame had really had a chance to catch. This is a matter for great sadness. The world is poorer for the loss of this child.

I hope the story of her short life and heinous death will inspire people to investigate and learn why this could have happened, and work toward keeping any other child from suffering Caylee's fate.

Any child saved helps to give meaning to Caylee's sad story.

We will not forget you, little Sunshine.