Sunday, January 25, 2009

Where Am I Today?

"Feedjit" is a wonderful gadget, but it just doesn't understand Mobile Broadband.

It's amusing to log in in the morning, just to see where I am today.

Ever since I ditched the Road Runner to use this exclusively, Feedjit has shown my location at somewhere else. Sometimes, not even in Texas. Sometimes I'm in Missouri, or even Kansas. Sometimes I'm somewhere called "The Geosphere."

I would expect to feel different, coming from "The Geosphere!"

No such luck. I'm still sitting here, with my cold and my blistered thumb, in Round Rock.


  1. According to your Feedjit, I have moved from the east coast to the west coast of the island.

    Darn cold in any event.

    A few nights ago, I was watching a crime show about a murder in Round Rock and thought of you. Darned if I can remember the names though.

    It's no doubt due to the fact that I watch a lot of documentaries in the dead of night. Surely my memory is not fading.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

  2. Let's see...was it Christina Moore? Some psychopath called Michael Keith Moore killed her because they shared a last name, and he would be able to use her cheques and credit cards.

    And, way back, there was Kelly Brumbelow, who was stabbed 97 times and stashed in the woodpile by the boy next door because she refused to go out with him. she was a 7th grader.

  3. Christina Moore it was -- may she rest in peace.

    At first, wasn't her husband suspected or am I confusing the cases? Was she pregnant?

    Overall, the commentator spoke very well of Round Rock and it's low murder rate.

  4. As always, they have to eliminate the husband first. Yes, she was pregnant, and their little boy was in his crib when his mom was handcuffed in her closet and shot.

    Her killer also confessed to the murder of Rachel Cooke, daughter of a friend of mine. He later rescinded his confession in court. He is still in jail for Christina's murder though. I can't remember if he got LWOP or Death.

  5. Right, I remember you mentioning Rachael Cooke.

    What a heinous monster he is!

    Losing a child is beyond my comprehension - never knowing their fate is unfathonable.

    Were you still in BC during the Clifford Olsen "deal"? Thoughts?