Thursday, January 15, 2009

Run, Christina, RUN!

ABC News article

Surprise, surprise! Drew Peterson is engaged again!

Dear Christina...

Let me guess. You are stubborn, right? Once you've made up your mind, you stick to it. Nobody can talk you out of your chosen course. OK, that's all fine and admirable, but PLEASE think about this. Think about other times in your life when you have stubbornly stuck to your guns in the face of advice from all your nearest and dearest. How did those instances work out?

Please read Scout's Rules and this blog entry, and THEN ask yourself some very serious questions, such as, "WHY AM I DOING THIS?"

How can he be so "charming?" He is old enough to be your father! He gives you a ring? Promises you a car? Takes you to a Blue Man concert? Do you think he LIKES that? He probably didn't even know who they were until you told him! You are 24 years old, and have children! You've obviously fallen for something before this.

Oh, girl! At least SLOW DOWN! You've only been dating him for four months, according to the news. Are you really ready to put your life, and the lives of YOUR CHILDREN into this man's hands?


One wife died by homicide, and he looks very, very good for it.

One wife disappeared after telling people she was going to divorce him.

He's a cop, even if he is retired. He knows where to hide things so cops won't find them.

Digital Alchemy article

From the above:

First meeting at a coin-operated laundry several years ago, Christina Raines and Drew Peterson started dating months ago. He took her to see the Blue Man Group, promised to buy her a car, and got her roses.

Roses? ROSES? Are you looking for a Prince Charming? A nice romantic guy like...oh...Scott Peterson? Do you know that, when they finally picked him up, he had a map to Amber's workplace, rope and an ax in his car? His "missing" wife finally surfaced: in San Francisco Bay! And the girl he gave the roses to wound up testifying at his murder trial and vilified by the press. Is this your dream of "happily ever after?"

In short, Christina, just wait a while. Give him a chance to show you who he really is, and not just the game face he puts on when he's getting his way. Because he will, and he will hurt you.

Your family will always take you back. Your dad is a lot smarter than Drew Peterson.

Chicago Sun Times article

Peterson said he does not believe his marital status should prevent him from becoming engaged. "I was married to Kathleen when I was engaged to Stacy," he said.

How, by any stretch of the imagination, can this appear to you to be RIGHT? Kathleen DIED, Christina, and Stacy has been mysteriously missing for over a year!

"Last time I had a relationship, you guys screwed it all up," he said, referring to tanning salon worker Kim Matuska, 22. "The police had her, the grand jury had her. I'm not putting her through all that."

So he blames the media for the fact that Kim got smart.

Men like Drew always blame somebody else for everything that is wrong in their lives. Including you. You are going to wind up getting hurt, and he will convince you that's it's your fault.

Believe me, it's a lot easier to leave now than later.

If he loves you, and is innocent, he will send you home and say, "When I have this mess straightened out, and have proved that I never raised my hand in violence to Kathleen or Stacy, I will come back for you."

Now, that would be romantic!

Ain't gonna happen.




  1. Ronni, this is brilliant! You hit the nail on the head tjis time. As a survivor of domestic abuse I can tell you it.sall too true, every word, and, sadly, it's probably way too late... I wish my mother would have warned me back when boys were 'icky'! She didn't and I'm alive. but my heart breaks when I see another young girl make the mistakes I did. Listen to Ronni, Christina, or listen to auntie JO! we know what cooks!

  2. he'll give her roses, all right; roses for her grave.

  3. Should she be lucky enough to actually HAVE a grave! Stacy doesn't.

  4. Beautiful motherly advice. I certainly hope she takes it! My other concern is for the children! There are now 6 children under the influence of Drew Peterson! Who will care for them when he does the perp walk? And if Chrissy is so afraid to take on the press, imagine what she will put up with when he is arrested.

    Maybe you and some others here would like to join us in trying to get Stacy back in the news in a respectful way! She has been overshadowed by Drew news and almost forgotten in this frenzy.

    We are doing a cookbook with any of your favorite recipes. Proceeds will go to domestic violence organizations.

    Send in a recipe, along with a "safety tip" to

    More information here:

    Stacy deserves some dignity and respect and she deserves to be found.


  5. Delilah, I couldn't find any info on the cookbook at the site you listed. I think it's a great project. I'm not much of a cook, but I can make more-or-less foolproof cornbread...

  6. This is plain madness. Only a naive 24 year old would be stupid enough to get involved with this beast.

    I feel so sorry for her father.

  7. I hope you have a good weekend, Ronni. Ciao for now.

  8. Maybe this is a new twist on suicide by police.

    I am Drew's age and I would not even talk to this guy if I were drunk and lonely in a bar on a cold winter night.

    What does the age gap have to be before it is latent pedophilia with this guy?

  9. Sorry, Ronni!

    Everyone can send a recipe to the following email address:

    Also, ALL of the proceeds will go to domestic violence organizations, so along with a "food" recipe, send along a few tips for surviving an abusive relationship.

    This "little" cookbook is going to be something big!

    Thanks for letting me plug!