Sunday, December 14, 2008

Updates on Caylee Anthony

Several sites have forum discussion of this case, including Websleuths and InSessions, but the one I'm trying to follow is here, at Scared Monkeys. I say "trying," because the discussion moves pretty fast. A short cut is to read every fifth page or so, because many posts will be brought forward by quoting. All the forums have links to news stories, video footage, etc.

They found a body four days ago. While it has not yet been positively (via DNA) identified as Caylee, most agree it is she. Size is consistent, hair colour is consistent, and the remains were found less than half a mile from the Anthony residence. As well, there are no other missing children reported in the area.

Casey, watching on TV from jail, came unglued when the report was made, requesting sedatives. Other bones found in an earlier search didn't get that reaction. Back then, she sneered, saying, "The haven't even found her clothes!" or words to that effect.

The Anthony house was immediately sealed off. George and Cindy were on their way back from California at the time of the discovery, having just appeared on "Larry King Live," and were notified officially, which also leads me to believe that investigators are pretty sure it's Caylee. They spent the night at the Ritz Carlton Hotel (according to news reports). Wonder who's paying for that! They stayed there the next night, too, even though their house had been released by then.

After getting another search warrant, police carried off more bags and boxes of stuff from the house, including pesticide containers, and what looks as if it might be bedding from Caylee's bed.

Does anyone remember the J C Penney's receipt that Cindy refused to turn over to the police? Speculation is rife that it was for replacement bedding. Cindy must have known something was up, if that is the case.

Further indication that the Anthonys know Casey had something to do with Caylee's death: none of them has rushed to Casey's side to comfort her in her lonely cell.

Actions speak louder than words.

And, speaking of actions, yesterday Lee Anthony (Casey's brother) rushed out of the house and tore down a small memorial that had sprung up overnight in their front yard. Consisting of a cross, a "Find Caylee" shirt, and various flowers and stuffed animals, the little shrine expressed the sorrow of some local people, and, perhaps, their acceptance of Caylee's death. Maybe it's that last that prompted Lee's reaction. Whatever the reason, the action appeared mean and churlish.

The defense "team" showed up at the site where the remains were found, demanding to be allowed to observe the CSI. When refused, they appeared on "Geraldo," whining about it and trying to convince a national audience that being refused access to the site was highly irregular, when, in fact, the opposite is true. The defense is allowed to bring their experts to the crime scene after the police are finished. Jose Baez (Casey's lawyer) requested his experts be allowed to observe the autopsy. This was also denied, pending DNA identification of the remains. The Medical Examiner stated that nobody was going to observe anything until it was known who the little body was.

This is where the case stands, as of today.

Oh...except for one thing...the National Enquirer got somebody in the jail to spill that Casey has been saying she wants another baby, because, when Caylee turns up alive, she will want a little sister.

Good luck with that.


  1. I guess most of us have known for months that sweet Caylee was not coming home alive .. yet a sadness filled me as I read your post.

    If DNA proves it to be her, I pray she is afforded the dignity in death that she was denied at the hands of her murderous mother.

    I believe that Cindy loved her grandbaby but if it is proven that she was complicitious, even after the fact, I hope the slamming of the prison doors ring in her ears for years to come.

    Oh .. and no book writing deals!

    I have told all of my children that they can always count on me to be there for them but the same rules apply to them as do to others.

    Did Cindy go beyond being there for Casey? What is the reminants of a conscience that kept her from going to the jail to comfort her daughter or .... ?

    Bless the sweet baby.


  2. This whole thing is just unimaginable. I will never understand why a parent would harm their child. If she didn't want to take care of her anymore she could have just walked away.

  3. Casey is stuck in a middle school mindset, and to have walked away would have meant that Cindy won.

    Casey couln't stand that, and would rather kill her child than see that happen.

    I don't think she is very bright--just sly and stubborn.

  4. It is rumoured on one of the boards, and brought to Scared Monkeys as such, that there is already a book deal, and that's how they could afford to stay at the Ritz.

  5. Being a Canuck - and a frosty one I might add - I am not familiar with all the state laws regarding monetary gain from crime if you were at all involved.

    That said, I can only hope that if Cindy was involved in any way that all the royalities from any exisiting book deal(s) will be directed to the benefit of victims of crime &/or organizations for missing children. Better still, the book should be nixxed!

  6. Thanks Ronni, I always appreciate you take on things.

    All the best Ronni. Take care.


    Got a few ailments at the moment Ron, I am laying low, actually flat on my back.

  7. Unless Cindy actually does get charged and convicted on obstruction charges or accessory after, she will be free to make whatever deals she wants. and, failing that, there's Goerge, who could do the book deal, unless he, too, is charged.

    Possumbear, I am sorry to hear you are feeling poorly. Sending out Good Thinks for a speedy recovery.

  8. As a rule, I like reading true crime stories but I refuse to buy one where any of the culprits authored it and will benefit from it.

    Did you see the documentary "Dear Zachary" shown this week on MSNBC? I have ordered the book "Dance with the Devil" that was written by the father/grandfather, David Bagsy. It holds a personal interest to me as much of it is to do with the Newfoundland/Canadian Criminal Justice System. Even though the first murder occured in Pennsylvania, much of the story plays out in Newfoundland. Truly tragic! If your interested, the results of the inquiry are available in pdf. format here:

    On another note, OJ really pulled at my heartstrings when trying to convince the judge that he didn't know what he was doing was wrong -- NOT! He just thought he was being his customarily stupid self -- he "only wanted back what was" his" Poor baby!

    No golf games for him for at least 9 years - hopefully many more!

  9. Thanks for the link, Kontiki. I have bookmarked it, and will read it later. That was an interesting case.

    I've not been a huge true crime reader, because the very first true crime book I read was "In Cold Blood," and none (even Ann Rule) (ducking) comes close to that. "Helter Skelter" was pretty good, though, and "Stone Cold Guilty," which presented the Scott Peterson case from the POV of one who was blogging about it. Very novel approach.

  10. I hear ya, Ronni -- I should have said that I am a "selective" true crime reader. Bunk, such as the one by Peterson's sister, is just that -- bunk.

    I'm more for facts & details than for jaded opinions designed soley to sell books. Of course, everyone has an opinion but obvious bias is a deal-breaker for me. That's just one of the reason I was so interested in reading about the Turner case.

    I am buying Bagby's book ( also because all of the proceeds are being directed at MUN scholarships - Memorial University of Newfoundland - of which hubby & #2 son are alumni. In fact, 4 family members attended their School of Medicine -- as did Turner & Bagby.

    Be forewarned: The results of the Turner inquiry are lengthy - 3 volumes in all -- the first volume gives the all the details of the case -- including Turner's bizzare history -- ending with the after math of the murder/suicide -- it is truly shocking how many times someone - anyone - in the service delivery system could/should have intervened in a meangingful & proactive way and didn't. To be fair, Turner was a master narcissistic manipulator (among other things) but "the best interests of the child" is not that difficult a concept to grasp.

    Additionally, the baby had his paternal grandparents advocating vociforiously on his behalf -- sadly, all for naught. Those folks left their jobs & home in California and moved to St. John's to be near who would be their only grandchild.

    I think you'll be shocked, if not p*ssed off, at the details of her release on bail --- twice!

    While the investigator did not cast direct name-blame, he did say that if policies & protocols as they then existed been adhered to then his job would have been unnecessary as Zachary would be alive today. He tightened up and added to these policies to insure no future repeats.

    Not to give the entire story away, but one blatant example of utter incompetence is Child Protective Services allowing Turner's then 12 year old daughter to live alone (with no telephone, to boot) in a St. John's apartment while her mother was in jail. This went on with their full awareness for over 2 weeks! IMHO, the "system" seemed to view a probable (used lightly) premeditated murderer as the main focus & benefactor of their supports & services - often to the exclusion/detriment of what was best for all of the children involved - she had 4. Talk about the tail wagging the dog!

    The other volumes are interesting too but deal mostly with the recommendations for changes to both the Canadian Criminal Justice System, the Newfoundland & Labrador Dept. of Health & Community Services & The Office of the Child/Youth Advocate.

    You didn't say if you saw the documentary -- "powerful" would be understating it. The film-maker was Andrew Bagby's childhood bestfriend. Kurt received some rave reviews despite that he had never intended it to go public when he began -- it was meant as a way for Zachary to get to know his father through stories/experiences from family/friends in USA, Canada & England. Tragic circumstances changed its ultimate "audience".

    Here's the link for the home page:

    I'd love to hear your views & opinions.

  11. I'll look into it while I'm off work over Christmas. Thanks, Kontiki...



  13. I have one child and remember when caylee went missing... all I could think was "how could a mother not go looking for her child.? I have a hard time as it is leaving my child to go to work with the babysitter. At night I wake up at least two times to check on her.. She is 18 months and I could not even go a day without seeing her..around CAylee's dissaperance a local 8 month old (at the time was reported as SIDS) died. As a new paranoid mom for 3 weeks I woke up at least 4 times to check on my child.. Today I found out in the news that 8 month old child was murdered.. This child lived in my area ...The parents of that child posted in the guest book newspaper notes to there daughter and how bad they missed her... I cried on every entry for their loss and pain...Authorities have not released who they suspect, and I hope to god it is not the parents that wrote those notes and posted notes to other parents who lost there children in the following months about how they know how hard it is to lose a child...These people that take lives of young children that cannot defend themselves and those who help cover it up will in the end will be punished!!