Saturday, December 27, 2008

So. No Mail Today.

You know why? Because somebody came to the door to ask about That Damned Car, and left his damn truck right in front of the mailbox. So while he was trying to dicker with me, along came the mail and, of course, zoomed right on by.



  1. So do they know there's such a thing as actually dragging their Postal a$$es out of the mail truck and placing your letters into the box?

  2. They got roolz. It's the freakin' POST OFFICE...they're probably only allowed to get out for a package or something.

  3. On the positive side. . .no bills today.

    I have not emptied my mailbox since last Tuesday--that way, I dont know who sent me Christmas cards late!!

  4. Maybe she thought Red was an attack cat.