Friday, November 07, 2008

More from the Probable Cause

The latest search warrant is for the information from Jason Young's work-issued computer. That's the one from his most recent job--after the murder of his wife. The warrant states fifteen pages of Probable Cause, which is the justification for the warrant.

A few highlights:

There WAS a Coach purse printout. Several in fact--for Ebay auctions that were over before Jason ever got to Hillsville. so he could not have been planning to buy one of them--they must have been just examples for Meredith to (cough) look at.

We had thought that Jason must have left a message for Meredith early in the morning, but it was not until 12:10 in the afternoon that he called her. The reason for that became apparent at the end of the fifteen pages, when it was stated that an adult prescription medication containing a narcotic was found on the hutch in Cassidy's room--along will all her chewy vitamins and other, more appropriate medications. The implication is that she awoke when he was doing the deed, or shortly after, and he drugged her. It is a medication that he sold when working for one of his former employers, so he would have been quite familiar with its uses, side effects and warnings.

Meredith found Cassidy IN THE BED. Her parents' bed. Sleeping with her mommy dead on the floor. I think I'm going to hurl.

He DID refuse to go to Birchleaf or speak to officers without counsel. He did not ask about Cassidy or about Michelle in the call, but hung up on the officer.

He WAS 35 minutes late to the meeting in Virginia that he left the night before to get a running start at. Yup. Said he got lost, even with five maps in his car. They said he was "hyper," at the meeting, which they put down to nervousness, as it was early in his career with that company.

It WAS an affair he was having with Michelle Money; they weren't just penpals. She told the cops they did the dirty twice, but she told her sorority sisters it was only once. Jason told one of his buds that Michelle Money wanted to have his baby. He also called her fifty (50) times the day Michelle was found dead. Starting at 7:49 AM, and ending with a 27 minute call starting at 2:05. No telling how many were voice calls and how many were text messages. Just to fit into the timeline, he called Michelle's work at 12:02, called Meredith at 12:10 and Michelle's cell at 12:17. Meredith called 911 at 1:35.

In an email to Ms Money, he refers to Meredith as "a 'bigger' girl with a cool personality."

He DID speak inappropriately with co-workers about Michelle and what she did and did not like in bed. So much for Gojo's protestations about Jason's gentlemanly nature.

There also were over 200 cellphone contacts between Jason and Ms Money between Dec 18th, 2007 and January 25th of 2008. Was she trying to be Amber Frey on the sly, or is she as big a skank as she is starting to look?

Jason told a friend he would never have married Michelle if she had not got pregnant. So much for the talk about how they were a match made in heaven.

The NTIO from November 7, 2006 (four days after the murder was discovered), he had "blister-like irritations" on his feet, consistent with having been wearing shoes that were too small. Remember the two footprints at the crime scene--one, a Hush Puppy (size 12) consistent with shoes he purchased in 2005, and one from a Franklin with a "10" (size) on the sole. The smaller shoe was a red herring.

The investigators moved heaven and earth to identify those shoe prints.

Jason's computer searches are possibly suspicious, also. Among them:

~Eric Rudolph
~Ischemia (unconsciousness due to constriction or obstruction of blood vessels)
~Head trauma knockout
~Anatomy of a knockout
~Gay bars, and gay bars New York City
~Right posterior parietal occipital region

Don't forget that the blow that actually killed Michelle was occipital. Can't remember if it was right or left.

So, on the whole, the Probable Cause gives us a lot to think about.

I hope there is an arrest soon.

Here's the PDF of the warrant


  1. I'm so glad they are still working so vigorously on this crime. I hope they get him and get him good.

  2. After reading this warrant, Jason sounds like he went to the "Scott Peterson School of Murder". No doubt his Mother has an inkling...another Mother like Jackie P. I hope an arrest and conviction is soon on the horizon. I feel so badly for Michelle's baby girl and family. Another unnecessary tragedy. Oh, and to think he and Michelle Money were in Myrtle Beach, which is only 20-25 miles from where I live.


  3. Michelle Money actually lives in Myrtle Beach with her husband. They moved there from Florida sometime in the first year after Michelle Young was killed.

    Yup. I think Jason went to Scottie School, and learned from his mistakes, too. He hasn't talked.

  4. Ronni: In reading about this case, I found reference to Michelle Money being a sorority sister of Michelle Fisher Young and Steve Money listed as a college friend. Is that correct?

  5. I can't remember if Steve went to college with the other three, but, yes, the two Michelles were sorority sisters.

  6. Thanks for this Ronni.

    Possumbear x

  7. I hope his days of freedom are numbered. Sounds like his sister thinks he did it too. What a POS.