Thursday, November 13, 2008

Oh, My Goodness!

Remember this picture? Costume shot from "The Oldest Profession?"

I loved that show. I loved my character. That show was more fun than a barrel of monkeys! I was having so much fun doing it, that, in a moment of post-performance euphoria, I posted this picture on one of the crime forums I frequent.

That was last Spring. Somewhere around June, I was planning my trip to Shenandoah, and realized I would be passing near the town where the victim's husband lives. A mere forty miles out of my way would put me where I could look at some of the locations being discussed on the forums. Further, I could meet with people posting there...grab a cup of coffee and discuss the case in person. Pursuant to that, I sent personal messages to several posters I knew lived there. One was going to be out of town at the time, one flat-out refused to meet me, and I had a very nice cup of coffee and a couple of hours discussion with the third.

So, this morning, I dropped in on one of the forums...not the one on which I posted the picture...and saw this:

I saw where this one lady posted a photo on a forum of herself or she said it was herself . She was in black like those women that like sex with whips and such. Then she invited another poster to meet with her. I thought gee all we need to negotiate now is the price. LOL For weeks later they made fun of the guy for not meeting her. I thought the whole thing was just wrong. A lot of bad people get on these forums for the wrong reason.

I was gobsmacked. A friend of mine spoke up for me:

Proof how rumors get started and how most of them start here. That poster you're referring to was wearing a costume for a play she was in. Why are you talking about posters from other forums anyway? At least your post has one item correct. "A lot of bad people get on these forums for the wrong reason."

The original poster (I don't want to use anyone's real nickname, so I'll call her Wilma), shot back:

You didn't find it strange that she posted the photo then invited a man a married man to meet her? In my opinion only she was playing a part that part was to cause trouble between a certain man and his wife.

Now, please! The "certain man" is a poster I shall just call John. He has a comb-over. He spends hours (until recently, anyway) on crime forums, trying stubbornly to defend the most likely suspect, and, in the process, threatening the livelihood of local reporters, and anyone arguing with him on the boards.

Does that sound like anyone I would like to "cause trouble" with?

Didn't think so.

I'm here to tell you...this murder has spawned some truly vile personalities. More so than even Natalee Holloway. That people can waste their energy with such bullshit really frosts my cupcakes!


  1. There a none so blind.....Um, excrement for brains, comes to mind.

    I think you look fantastic in that picture.

  2. Well, I was playing a hooker, so I guess it's no surprise that I look like one in the picture...what bugs me is the misinterpretation!

  3. Sorry, I didn't word that very well. I knew that.

  4. Of course, I should be grateful. If this had happened during the Great Blog War, it would already be a foregone conclusion that I was a whore and the police would have been to my house already, somebody would have called Ramona to tell her I was renting something besides costumes and somebody would have tried to get Brendan's financial aid cut off, on the grounds that I had hidden income...

  5. Oh, good God!! I'm sitting here with my jaw on the floor. Ronnie, I check in on your blog almost daily but I have never commented before. This post takes the cake, even more than the whiney-baby-peepee pants thing! Obviously these people have zero clue.

    Just the mental picture of you zooming around the Shenandoah valley in the mini Miata, top down with your costume on looking to "cause trouble" with "whips and such" cracked me up.

    My cupcakes would be frosted too. And I totally agree about the personalities.

  6. There are some people who are so incredibly stupid you just have no choice but to feel sorry for them.

    Good Golly!

  7. Hi, Honeybun...welcome to my soapbox!

    Nadine, that is the most heartfelt "golly" I've ever heard!

  8. Its an interesting look--poohpooh on anyone who tries to ruin the moment.

    Have a great weekend--and dont give it another thought.

  9. That post just made me laugh my ass off! I can't stop laughing. I can totally see how they could misinterpret the totally separate acts of posting the pic and setting up a meet-up with a fellow poster. I forget how the non-theatre world thinks sometimes. I see this pic and see 'woman in a show' - they see it and think homewrecker. LOL!

  10. I think it's more that "Wilma" has a brain the size of a pea, and about half the sense that God gave a doorknob!

  11. I love that photo Ronni. You look so cool. Some posters are pains in the arse and happy to be that way.

    Possumbear x

    Keep your chin up.

  12. LOL OMG that is so unbeliveable!
    Not only are you a WBPPP now your a homewrecker? too funny...
    Hey look at it this probably got you more readers! lol
    Sorry you have to deal with suck jerks.