Monday, October 20, 2008

Two Odd Shots

I'm willing to accept that the orb on both is a spot of dust on the lens, but why the rainbow colours in the first shot and the red in the second?

There is a lot about photography that I don't understand. Neither of these pictures looked like this when I snapped the shot.


  1. They're both beautiful shots, Ronni. Were the orbs moving, or still?

    I saw a white orb literally bouncing all over the waiting room at Kaiser while I waited for my husband to have surgery several years ago. I looked around to see if anyone else noticed. Nobody else gave any sign they saw it.

    A couple of months later, same thing in the paint aisle at K-Mart.

  2. why?
    because the orb is jim!

  3. I didn't even see them until I uploaded the photos to the computer.

    If it's Jim, he should know to stay out of my pictures. He's the one who taught me how to take a picture in the first place.

  4. Easy peasy Ronni -- but I wouldn't say it was Jim... it's just a reproduction of exactly how the light really appears. Our brains compensate to fill in the blanks but pixels and film record what's there. Ever take a photo in one kind of light and get green and another kind and get blue? That's what color the light really is, but our brains make adjustments.

    The beautiful flare you caught from the sun is like aiming a camera at a spotlight and capturing the beam it provides.

    It's just not as interesting as an orb that could be a spirit, though, is it?


  5. You are the photographer, FB!

    I do have two separate phenomena here, though--the colour and the orbs.

    I really do think the orbs are dust motes on the lens.

  6. I just re-read your post about not seeing the orbs in the pics until later.

    My orbs were moving and interacting with me.