Sunday, October 19, 2008

So Much To Do!

I look around at my house, and everywhere, EVERYWHERE, there is something that needs doing, right now!

The lawn needs mowing. I'm supposed to be making curtains for the back windows. Brendan's room is in mid-cleaned state. There is a dresser and a chair in my room, piled up with clothes from last season, in the midst of being changed out for winter stuff. I bought something called *channel locks* to hold the bolt in the bathroom so that I can get the hacksaw to saw rather than hack through it.

I still need Brendan's dad to come over and look at replacing the plugs in the kitchen so that I can use the microwave again.

It's all just a question of getting off my duff and doing it!

I think I'll have a cup of tea and be Scarlet O'Hara for a day...


Oh. My. God!

I wonder if my neighbour reads my blog!

While I was in the bathroom, armed with *channel locks* and a hacksaw, I heard my next door neighbour start up his lawnmower...and GUESS WHAT? He's mowing my front yard, even as I type! Thank you so much, Manuel!

AND...guess what else? The *channel locks* worked, and the old toilet seat is history! And the beauty part is that the new toilet seat came with NYLON BOLTS!

So: the lawn is mowed, and the toilet seat is replaced.

And the significance of the nylon bolts is that I don't have to make a new rule that everyone who pees in my hall bathroom has to sit down to do so.

(I really wasn't sure how I was going to enforce that!)


  1. Comparing neighbours, here...ours threw his girlfriend out last night. At first she was simpering and begging for her phone. Then, she starting effing and blinding.

    It is usually him that is locked out, because he has a few beverages, now and then.

    Don't get me wrong, he is the better of the two. She doesn't get off her butt. Leaves her garbage outside her door until he gets home. Most nights when he gets home her brother is tucking into his dinner (he comes up for a coffee to let her cool off). Poor sod.

  2. These neighbours have lived here for many years, and were friendly and helpful to Addy before us.

    As Brendan managed to kill two lawnmowers in one day during his last mow, and I can't afford a new one...well, it helps.

    To be honest, Brendan really only killed one mower--the other one croaked of old age, and he just happened to be using it at the time.