Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mother/Daughter Dynamics...

...Carried unto the second generation.

Audio clip of a phone call from Casey to her mother on July 26th.

Transcript of the same call

This is an interesting dynamic.

Casey has been in whatever lockup she was in at the time, WATCHING HER MOM ON TV, and boy, is she pissed!

The girl gets really riled when people don't believe her lies. She totally cowed her mother, and her friend Christina. Lee stood up to her a bit, but Casey is in control. They are all sucking up to try and get her to talk.

They know she won't talk.

Her mom is all, "I don't know what your involvement is,sweetheart..."


I am thinking that Cindy didn't know Casey would see the news.

This sounds like a pattern, a long-standing pattern.

Cindy has probably always covered for Casey, and believed her lies though they fly in the face of all logic.

Com ON, Cindy! What high school dropout gets hired as an Event Coordinator at Universal?

I know people in that line of work. They have college degrees and make enough money to buy their own condos, or whatever. They are not living at home with their parents, in the same rooms they inhabited as children. Or stealing from their Grandparents' retirement funds.

I can't BELIEVE Cindy and George let her get away with that one! My daughter would have been out on her ass before the phone cooled off, if somebody called me with that news.

I wonder if it's true that Casey wanted to put Caylee up for adoption, but Cindy wouldn't let her...I'll tell you what--if my mom tried that with me, I'd have been out of there! Off to a home for unwed mothers, or whatever they are called these days. Many of them do job training, etc., and help the girls get their lives in order. Counsellors at such places know how devastating it is to carry a child to term and place her for adoption. They are full of all sorts of assistance.

But Casey caved to Mama. Mama caves to Casey. George caves to everyone.

In my ever so humble opinion, these people deserve each other.

Problem is, Caylee deserved better than she got from any of them.

I do hope they can find that poor baby...


  1. I am a firm believer in what goes around comes around so my ONLY HUGE concern here (aside from REAL justice)is finding that precious little girl.

  2. She won't be watching TV NOW (teeheehee) Poor, Poor Casey. This go around now isn't going to be too pleasant, imo. 23 hrs a day in a cell with no cell phone, no myspace, no partying, no is sucking about now for Casey!!! AS IT SHOULD BE!!

    Are you getting me all riled up again this morning already?? haha