Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Return to the Jonah Schoolhouse

I went back out to the Jonah Schoolhouse today, to look around. All that dried and dessicated corn has been harvested and the stalks plowed under, and that revealed a little abandoned house across the field behind the school.

Here's a closer shot. It's a shame that these old houses have fallen into such disrepair. There are many of them in the area, some, over a hundred years old.

Driving past the little house, I noticed something strange...

...a couple of buzzards on the roof. I wonder what they were watching.


  1. Those buzzards were clearly waiting for some old witch to happen by. :)

    Although the house is more than a few steps beyond a fixer-upper, I can envision a lovely stone fireplace between the 2 awninged windows and rustic wood floors with a colorful rag mat in front. The kitchen would have cupboards without doors (or maybe a sideboard)and a white cast iron sink.

    I wonder what memories those walls hold?

    Care to take a jaunt back and ask those buzzards?


  2. There are still blinds on the windows. Do you think the sad little house is furnished?

    Actually, that would do me just fine.

  3. It would do me, too, about 20 years ago. Before it got quite so bad.

  4. I can hear the real estate agent saying "your a few steps short of paradise in this cozy fixer-upper"

  5. Looks like they are having a peaceful Texas day.