Sunday, October 26, 2008


Round Rock has always been a relatively clean town. Very few restaurants are ever shut down by the health department. There hasn't been any sort of water-borne disease, at least in the 31 years I've lived here. No plague, or other health issues.

And yet, a month or so ago, I went into one of the local McDonald's, and there was a rat run over very close to the front door! I sort of lost my appetite (never very robust at McDonald's, though I do like the Southwestern Salad, which is what I was after), but I did point the vermin out to an employee and suggested that maybe he should get it out of there.

The other day, I was shocked to see a live rat run across the sidewalk and disappear down a storm drain. This was not somebody's escaped pet, but a nasty mottled black and grey rat, about the size of a squirrel. Just running around in broad daylight.

Is this an environmental issue, or what? Is anyone else seeing such things?


  1. More people mean more trash and thus more food for rats and other vermin. A number of things may be preventing the natural predators from getting to their prey (the rats) of roads (running snakes away) and destruction of predators habitat (trees and creeks where owls and hawks live). Maybe the only positive thing to think about the rats near the McDonald's is that it sounds like they aren't setting out powerful poisons to kill them that could wind up in your food! However, you could call the Health Dept and report your sightings. Might warrant a pop-in visit from them. ...tracie

  2. This is Texas... you just haven't seen the cheeky beggars (they're great at hiding). Currently we have a few in the attic -- their days are numbered (but I'm paying someone, disposal alone is worth parting with $$$). They will also "critter proof" the house -- which was de-critter proofed with the new roof. Life in the 'burbs.
    Watch them file up and down the trees at dusk... =shudder!=

    And those suckers are BIG.


    I'm a live and let live kinda gal when it comes to wildlife -- but NOT in my attic, scrabbling above my head. Or the despairing scratttttttch of nails as one slips down between the walls. Nope. Nope. Nope.

  3. Rats are at EVERY restaurant. They find their way in.

    No worries though, they are usually after the garbage. The food is kept in refrigerators. I worry more about the poison if they have to spray the place down. The cleanup would be horrible, and what if they miss someplace where food prep is done?

  4. I saw some rats the other day, but it was at a political rally, so that may not be the kind you mean. Some of those protesters might look better lying in the McD's parking lot though, come to think of it... ;-)

  5. Ronni:

    Last summer there were rats sighted in the very snobbish town I live in here in Jersey. There were some jokes about too many New Yorkers had moved here--and the rats were nesting in their rolled up carpets or some such nonsense.

    No stories this summer so I dont know where the New Yorkers and their carpets have gone to. . .