Monday, October 06, 2008

Mrs Thing

Here is Mrs Thing. I've been staying with her for the past month or so.

She is 93, which means she was born during WWI, in 1915. Before women had the right to vote.

She is a bit stooped, but she gets around the house on her own, including up and down the stairs. She makes her own bed every morning, and empties her wastepaper basket. She helps with the dishes, and today she swept the patio.

She's a keeper!


  1. And a very attractive lady, too.

  2. She has a beautiful face - it's mostly coming from the inside. But her cheekbones are fabulous too.

  3. I agree that she is lovely. I took a bunch of pictures of her, and this is the best.

    I hope I'm doing this well at her age!