Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's Cold Today

Extra quilt.

I'm tough. Don't need to turn on the heat for the first norther that blows through. Or even the second!

Thinking back to that little house on Vancouver Island, no central heat. Just little oil heaters that we carried around from room to room. Terrible fire hazard, especially when I made a tent of my flannel nightie, with the heater under it, to get dressed.

Nope. Not turning on the heat yet. Extra quilt.

Idea! Open the bedroom window. Then, when I get up, the rest of the house will seem warmer.

OK, that worked for about 20 minutes.

Clothes to dry. Turn on the dryer. That helps.

Layers. Undershirt. Long sleeved shirt. Jeans. Socks. Fuzzy bathrobe...

Sneaking a peek at the thermometer.

Ye Gods! It's 58° in here!

Turn on...turn on the heat...turn on.

65° is cozy.


  1. Ye Gads, you wimp! I thought you grew up in Canada!

    Its 39 here, we had SNOW today!

    LOL, heat is on here but its fake heat since its an apartment and THEY pay oil.

    My thermostat is set to 90! But its 64. All double paned windows closed, my cat is shivering.

    Granted, I would be the wimp in Texas heat lol.

  2. Oh, I complain just as loudly when I'm hot! LOL!

    I actually like it a bit cooler inside in the winter, but it takes me a while to weed out what is good to wear, and what is not.

    Jim liked 68° all year round, so I wore sweats in the house all year round.

    This year, I gut used to the house being warmer in the summer--usually around 80°, so this winter I have to get used to coolth.

    I moved down her for a reason! LOL! No way would I want to return to the days of being able to see my breath in my bedroom!

  3. It's still pretty nice out at night here in Cali. If I had it my way, I'd leave the heater off until the thermostat said 65.

    It's only 56 outside tonight at 10:30 PM.

  4. It's between 35 and 40 here Ronni. Brrr..

    I'll check in tomorrow.