Thursday, October 30, 2008

An Armadillo In My Kitchen

Wiki article about Armadillos

...Of course it left before I could grab the camera, but there it was. All covered in armour, with about as much ability to sneak around as a Crusader...

They don't have very good eyesight, do they? It ran head on into the fridge before it left.

I wonder if it's been coming in a lot...that would explain the cat food I find all over the floor.

Can you litter-train an armadillo?



    This is the closest I've been to an armadillo. I don't even know if it looks like one.

  2. I added a picture from the web, and a Wiki article about them.

    The are usually seen squished on the road, and people complain about their digging tunnels under their gardens.

  3. So, your building sort of looks like one.

  4. If I bumped into any kind of critter in front of my fridge, it would be ME who wud need the litter box -- that is AFTER I make a huge puddle on the floor!


    And to think I sold nightcrawlers as a youngster to make extra money.

    Which reminds me, I used to pick quart glass milk bottles full of blueberries and sell them for a quarter. I was very a very fussy picker too -- only plump, ripe berries - no grass etc. Well, last week at the supermarket, LESS than 1/3 cup of them cost me $3.99 and LESS than 1/2 cup of raspberries cost $4.49. At those prices, I would have left them there but my daughter wasn't feeling well and asked for some fresh berries with cream. They all fit into her parfait dish and it is a small one -- roughly 6 ounces, I'd say.

    A few days before our Thanksgiving, those same size raspberries were 2/$5 and I thot that was alot then!

    At that rate, it would cost over $40 to make a decent home-made blueberry pie!

    I have decided that I'd much prefer a bull-moose in my back yard to an armidllo in my kitchen. Beats a snake though - but only by a hair's breadth!

  5. Down here, raspberries and blueberries cost about that, and always have. They don't grow well here, and don't transport well, either. I haven't bought any in years, though I do hang around and smell them in the grocery store...

    An armadillo beats heck out of a possum, too. When we lived out in the country, we thought nothing of having possums and raccoons in the kitchen every day. They come in through the cat door.

    I just have to remember to take out the trash every time I leave the house, and at night, too. I much prefer to clean up kittie crunchies than garbage.

  6. I found a dead bird behind my computer the other day.

  7. Oh, just ew.

    Was it a prezzie from one of the cats?

    You never open anything! How did it get in?

  8. I have no clue. It was mummified. The cats don't go out much, and usually lurk on the porch. None of them ran past me with it.

  9. Well Ronni, an armadillo trumps a live chicken or a ferret any day. You win!

  10. I nearly forgot about the turtle. You still win!

  11. I vote for making friends with the armored one.

  12. My sister has a large doggie door (stupid large because a grown person could get through it) because she has a large dog.

    She lives rural though, and there are dog parties all the time. Her neighbors dogs all come over for visits.

    Its actually quite funny when she is having a party because her mother in law is horrified by dogs, and usually about an hour in there will be 3 dogs in the house saying hello and stealing food off the tables (all large dogs, none mean lol)

    While I think she is semi-retarded for installing the thing considering it would only take one pervert to find out about it and she has little kids, so far its just been amusing.

  13. Melissa, your sister is probably counting on the presence of the big dog to discourage any nasties.

    Cats don't discourage armadillos.

  14. If the nasties find out that they will be licked to death by the big doggie, they may not be so frightened.

    Though he does chase off bears. He is really quite awesome at that. The bears havent done garbage damage since he has been there.

    He even chases them off the neighbors property within 3 houses! Good puppy! And no more cats have been eaten by the coyotes either. Her neighborhood gang of house dogs have become vigilant about protecting the neighborhood CATS! All the guys love their kitty friends!

    Nice dogs, but weird as hell. lol

  15. BTW, how do the cats like the armadillo? I think if he isnt causing damage thats kind of a cool pet.

    (aside from kittie crunchies sounds like he is pooping outside too)

    Are they mean?