Friday, October 24, 2008

Goblins Are Afoot

Push is coming to shove in a big way at the costume shop.

Put out of your mind the four shows we have to have done by the end of November--"The Sound of Music," "Gifts of the Magi," "Beauty and the Beast," and one more, the title of which I can't remember at the moment, and consider Halloween, and other small individual projects...

...Like a high school choir going to sing at the Renaissance Faire. I THINK we got the last of them today. Talk about picky! I finally told her that, if she was going to try on every gown in the house, she needed to come earlier in the day. She checked out right before 6:00, when we close. That would have been fine, except for the four people in line behind her, who had not been able to get into the dressing room due to this child's continued occupation of same.

That, of course, had led to a line at the other dressing room.

So the guy who came in, on his way to a wedding that had an African theme, had to try on his robe on the floor. He was and out, and happy.

...And the young man who appeared to be afflicted with Downs' Syndrome, who came in with his mother, determined to be Prince Charming--he had to be the high point of my day. I fixed him up with exactly what he wanted, and he left, wearing the tunic with his basketball shorts.

So, anyway, at 6:00 PM, we were left with a very sweet lady who works in one of the offices at the high school, and who wanted to be dressed more-or-less as a tart (and not the jam variety, either), a lady who came back for her second costume (which needed a stitch or two here and there), and a pirate who needed his boot spats sewn up.

Suffice it to say, it was nearly 7:00 when we finally got finished.

Still, a lot of satisfied customers made it a good day.

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