Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Teaching Forever

Jim was one of the few teachers in the district to successfully teach pantomime. His students frequently cleaned up in district competition in this event; so much so that other teachers tried to get it dropped from competition.

A couple of years ago, Kris Baker, teaching at Cedar Valley Middle School alongside Jim, filmed him teaching pantomime. I may have known about that, but had forgotten.

Lynn's daughter, Tara, is teaching theater at CD Fulkes Middle School. Kris gave her a DVD of Jim's pantomime session.

Tara says it takes a hell of a teacher to be able to teach from beyond the grave.

Lynn is going to get me a copy of the DVD.


  1. Oh, how wonderful for you! What a gift.

  2. let me know when you get it ...

  3. Make it a celebration when you sit down to watch it.

    It will really be fun.

  4. Hi Ronni! I hope you get your copy soon.

    I saw the picture of Ethan over "you know where". He is gorgeous.

  5. It's OK, Mgt. "Ysobel Yclept" is no secret! LOL!

    I'm sure Charyl knows about it...

    Sorry I'm a bit slow and sketchy with posts lately, but I'm sewing in my sleep, I swear!