Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Strange Case of the Week

Greta van Susteren interviewed Casey Anthony's mother and father tonight. There is video of part of the interview at the link.

These people make less and less sense as time goes on. Cindy and George, lined up on the couch with their tiny dogs and their identical "Find Caylee" T-shirts, nodding like a couple of bobble-head dolls when Greta asks them if they believe Casey. "One hundred percent," they say. When Greta points out that Casey has lied, Cindy says, "Lying is not a crime."

The woman is turning into a pretzel, trying to reconcile the lies Casey has told with the evidence that has been collected by the police.

Quick review:

The last time anybody saw Caylee was June 16th, when George said Casey left with her to take her to the nanny's, and told her father that she'd see him in the morning, because she might be working late (yeah, right).

(When did a babysitter become a nanny? It used to be that a nanny was a live-in child care person.)

Apparently, in the course of the investigation, it was discovered that Casey didn't go to work, because she didn't have a job. And she didn't take Caylee to the nanny, because there is no nanny. Not by the name Casey gave, and not at the address Casey gave.

In between that day, and the day nearly a month later, when Cindy and George got a notice in the mail that Casey's car had been impounded, Casey was having a high old time, getting her picture taken at parties with the ones she called friends. Like the boyfriend she met on May 23rd and moved in with sometime in the third week of June. Oddly enough, Casey told him that Caylee was with her parents. Moving in with Mr Party when you've only known him three weeks is not very smart.

She borrowed a shovel from her parents' next door neighbour, telling the neighbour that she couldn't get into her mother's shed to get theirs. I wonder what she needed the shovel for...

In one of Cindy's multiple calls to 911, she told the dispatcher that the car smelled as if there had been a dead body in there. She tried to chalk that one up to pizza when questioned about it later on. Again, I say, "Yeah, right!" Having had vast experience of dead pizza, and more than enough experience of dead bodies to last a lifetime, I can categorically state that the one smells nothing like the other.

Personally, my opinion is that Caylee is dead. I think her mom left her in a car, or otherwise caused her death by neglect rather than deliberate murder. I think she has been trying to think up a good enough story to get herself off the hook, ever since. I think that, on some level, she is glad to be in jail. That way, the reporters can't grill her the way they are grilling her mother and dad.

Nasty little miss "let's-party-on-even-though-I-have-a-baby" couldn't face down Nancy Grace or Greta. She doesn't have the cojones.

Missing and Abducted Here is some more interesting discussion about Cindy and George and last night's interviews.


The above link to "Missing and Abducted" has a link to some search warrants detailing probable cause and some results. Very interesting reading.


  1. From what you wrote I would have to agree with you...something stinks there,no pun intended.

  2. Ronni:

    She borrowed the shovel to dig up the bamboo because as her mother says, "it grows fast and could take over the yard".

    I suspect that if Casey wanted to go back to the single, irresponsible life of jobless partying, her parents would have adopted Cayley--and let Casey go her way.

    It would have been better for Cayley to be in a more stable situation than the revolving door of boyfriends.

    You make an interesting suggestion that Cayley may have been left in the car--and died in the car.

    What do you think Casey was doing with the gas cans?

  3. I think Cayley is dead, too.

    One word:


  4. Bamboo. Right. As I said, Cindy is going to have permanent back problems due to all that twisting.

    I, too, think Cindy would have taken Caylee in a heartbeat, BUT...she may have told Casey that she would not, in an effort to get Casey to live up to her responsibilities.

    Pure speculation here, of course.

    I think that Casey and her mother share a stubborn streak a mile wide, and can't stand it in each other. I think that they have probably been at loggerheads since Casey hit puberty. Casey has not grown up, and is treating this situation like a hight school kid would. Spin a good story, and, when the lie is discovered, clam up. She may still think Caylee will not be found.

    I think she took the gas because she was out, and had no money. If they knew how much gas was in those cans, they might have a radius in which to search, starting from where they found the car.

  5. I think she killed the child. She told her father that she was taking Caylee to the nanny. The nanny doesn't exist, remember.

    The child was in the way, end of story. Casey doesn't care about anyone but Casey.

  6. Hi Ronni! Are you glad to be home?

  7. Yes, I am, Mgt! I loved the trip, but it's nice to be home.

    I would very much like to think that Casey is not a cold-blooded murderer, but rather, a negligent parent.

    I feel slightly less like puking, that way.

  8. I thought it was strange when Cindy said to tell a lie is not a crime.

    Hi Ronni, and anyone else who is about.

    I think this young girl has been hard to handle and stubborn.

    I don't like the chances for this little angel, I just don't get a good vibe.


  9. Somebody needs to tell her that lying to the police is most definitely a crime.

    Casey has probably lied all of her life and got away with it. When I heart the first jail call with her mother, I thought she needed to show a little respect for what her mother is trying to do.

    I'll tell you what--if she were my daughter, I wouldn't go visit her sorry ass, either. Not after her talking to me like that.

  10. Hi Ronni,
    I've been obsessed with this case and glad to see your point of view on it.
    I go back and forth on how much the parents really know. Part of me believes they are knee deep in denial, not able to fathom the obvious. Sometimes I wonder if they are covering for her after the fact. It's painful to watch them. I just read they are bringing in dive teams on Thursday, which leads me to believe they have the tests from the trunk back and know Caylee is gone. I am leaning more towards a neglectful/accidental death, too, possibly while under the influence of something. She did seem to love her daughter from earlier photos of the two of them. Drugs can certainly change a person. She has most definitely always been a liar who seemed to run the household. Mom and Dad are enablers but I am not sure if they are covering for her or just wearing rose colored glasses.

    BTW, I will be getting around to my meme soon, if I could pry myself away from reading about this case long enough to get to it!

    Welcome home!

  11. Hi Ronni,

    Unfortunately I don't have time to get around the blogs very often. It's been a long long time since I checked in on you. I hope you are doing well.

    I think Casey is a pathalogical liar. I think she may have been jealous of the attention that Casey got from her parents (and perhaps vice versa as I recall hearing early on that Casey was taking Calley away for a few weeks to bond with her). The jealousy showed in one of the jail phone calls when she told a friend that all they care about is Calley, where's Calley--then she tried to cover by saying that's all she cared about too--well duh, I hope so.

    Anyway, just a quick note. Look forward to the day I can participate more fully.


  12. KN, I can't tell you how good it is to hear from you! Lisa and I were talking about you just a week ago, and hoping you were OK.

    I think there are serious issues between Casey and her mother, Cindy, and poor Caylee has been lost in the middle.

    I don't like Cindy, and, if she had been my mother, I'd have been out of there as soon as I legally could.

    Wait...I did just that. And got married...and got pregnant...and placed the baby for adoption, because I knew I couldn't do right by him.

    I'm thinking Casey had some head-in-the-clouds notion of what it means to have a baby,and has fought her mother tooth and nail over taking responsibility for Caylee.

    I think that Miss Casey Narcissist has ruled the roost for years, and can't bring herself to give ground to the baby. Totally agree with you, there.

    I too, am looking forward to the day when we will hear from you more often.

  13. I'm watching the Nancy Grace recast now.

    Left her in the car while she was out clubbing/drugging/getting laid.

    NICE family.


  14. What did Nancy have to say? I got hung up watching something on the History Channel about the Dark Ages.

    I think they are coming back.

  15. Nancy was talking about the pair of slacks found in the car by Granny that smelled of death.

    Granny washed them.

    Casey size pants, not Caylee.

  16. Hi Lisa, we don't get Nancy Grace out her in Oz. Did they interview the Nanny?


  17. Possum, they don't think the nanny even exists, at this point. They have tracked down one person by the name Casey gave them, and showed Casey a picture of her. Casey did not recognize the picture.

    The nanny has not come forward, or been found. The apartment was vacant, and Casey sent them on a wild goose-chase, telling them she didn't remember the exact address, but it's just down, over here...

  18. This girl is so caculating, but so out of touch with reality.

    Did she just think that Law Enforcement were just going to buy everything that she was feeding them.

    I think Cindy looked like reality was starting to set in today, I saw a little bit of an interview with Greta, and something was different with her today.


  19. She has always snowed her parents, or, at least, her mother. Her mother was probably one of those who thought every disciplinary incident was a trial, and the Casey was innocent until proven guilty. That works in a courtroom, but not when raising a sly child.

    Having snowed her parents, with their complicity, she has no reason to think she's not just the world's best liar, capable of convincing anyone of anything.

    Given enough rope, she will totally hang herself.

  20. Sterilize the lot of them, I say! Put them on some deserted island and let them fend for themselves.

  21. Hi Ronni,

    Has anything changed overnight with this case?

    I don't want to join a forum for discusion with this case, I haven't joined in any since the Lacey Peterson case.

    I comment here because I know it is safe and you are genuine.

    It is in a case like this that, for me I really miss the talents of Rose and Karenancy, with being on the other side of the world, I was usually asleep while you were all chatting, so it was great to be able to read the transcripts that they use to do.

    Is there anywhere that you are reading at the moment that you would recomend to catch up on the day events.Thanks Ronni.


  22. Hearing on Aug 21: felony child neglect and lying to police. Per Nancy Grace right now. That's news from a day or so ago, though.

  23. I haven't joined any discussion groups about it, because they all seem to be deteriorating into name-calling.

    Scout's board,

    Has the best discussion on Nancy Cooper and Michelle Young, but she hasn't got into this one.

  24. DNA reportedly back, but police don't plan to reveal.

    New pictures--Casey in a "Hot Body" contest five days after Caylee disappeared.

    Mom didn't go see her today, supposedly because of the recording of visits.

  25. Here is a question Ronni that is totally unrelated to Caylee sorry.

    We are in the process of looking at two things we might like to do mid next year.

    Go to Europe of come back to America.

    If we come back to America we are going to hire RV or car and motel it. As you know us Aussies drive on the other side of the road and our steering wheel is on the right hand side. Now is your brake and throttle set up so you use your left foot. The reason I ask this is because here each time I have bought a new car, I have to have a conversion done to the throttle I drive with my left leg because I don't have a calf muscle in my right leg, lost the muscle when I had mly accidient.

    I have never been able to hire a car here that is set up with a left foot control, they only have hand control, and my licence is stamped for that provision.

    When we went over this year we did part with a group and had a few days on our own. Would like to do a bit more on our own this time, if we come.


  26. I drive an automatic, and both the brake and the gas use the right foot.

    I think you might be able to get a car with hand controls, but Left foot seems unlikely.

    Maybe a driver?

  27. Thanks Ronni,

    If my husband comes with me, that will be good. But if he doesn't I will do it on my own if I have to, if I can hire a car with hand control. I will go and have some lessons, and get it put on my licence for insurance.

    Or I might be bussing and flying.



  28. If you do it during July, I can drive you around some...

  29. Thanks for the offer Ronni. Thati is very nice of you.