Sunday, August 24, 2008


Quinn is a lovely fluffy cat, but he has issues. You can see in the picture that his eyes are different colours. I think one of them is blind. He hasn't much depth perception, and sometimes he doesn't see things until they move. Like many white male cats, he is partially deaf, so he startles easily. He is also horribly agoraphobic, and has to be fetched if he goes outside. If that happens, he is usually under something.

And, of course, he's Brendan's cat. Brendan's grandma gave him to me, and he has always been Brendan's cat, ever since he was a tiny kitten.

Now that Brendan has gone, Quinn is very upset. When he's not following me around, mewling piteously, he spends his time curled up outside Brendan's room, waiting for him to come out.

Puir wee thing.


  1. The poor baby! Maybe an old shirt or sweater of Brendan's where Quinn
    sleeps would comfort him. I feel so bad for him. He's such a beautiful cat.

    Jo Ann

  2. Poor nae wee white blobbie... Takes me back to when I went to college, leaving Shadrak bereft. Cats are the original conservatives -- mess with THEIR lives and it's simply TRAGIC they'll tell you -- most piteously, too.
    There's no comforting them. Just wait for them to accede to the new order.
    (Mean rotten human people...)

  3. Did you have three cats, and the other two were Meshach and Abednigo?

    He's very stubborn.