Saturday, August 23, 2008

News About Casey Anthony

WFTV Channel 9

No news about Caylee, though.

From the article:

Casey Anthony, the mother of missing 3-year-old Caylee, has a chance to leave her house Sunday to attend church services.

New circus act: Casey Goes to Church.

What a freaking farce! The girl-groping, drink-swilling, lying narcissistic baby-killer is going to church! If I were her, I'd be afraid case God decides to go all "Old Testament" on her!

I think that little Miss I-Need-Anger-Management has been using Caylee to control her mother ever since Caylee was born. That first phone call to her mother from jail, when she was giving Cindy a hard time about something she said in one of her TV interviews speaks to that. Cindy's tone was so conciliatory. That phone call was very difficult to hear.

More from the article:

The Anthony family even threatened to spray down reporters with a hose Thursday morning. Cindy Anthony picked up the hose, gave it to her son and started cussing at reporters.
After weeks of reaching out to the media and doing repeated interviews, the family is now lashing out at reporters. Casey Anthony is free on bond and you would think her family would be in good spirits.

"Take the f****** hose to them," she told Lee Anthony.

Cindy wanted her son Lee to spray reporters waiting for Casey to arrive home with a water hose.

There we have Cindy, acting like a classy lady. Damn! The woman was all over every program covering the case, even to the point of telling Greta under what preposterous conditions she would discuss certain aspects of the investigation. She thoroughly encouraged reporters in the beginning, and now she's cussing at them and threatening bodily harm.

Make up your mind, bitch!


This case makes me so very angry for so many reasons. First and foremost, for each and every mother who has, at some point, felt like killing her children, BUT HASN'T, I'd like to take a hose to Casey Anthony. With a few extra wallops for being a liar, playing her mother, playing the police, playing the media, and just plain playing. She is a nasty skanky girl who didn't deserve that lovely child.

I bet Casey got pregnant, stayed pregnant, bore and kept the baby as a total F. U. to her mother. A reasonable person would know that she would not be much of a mommy if she wasn't ready to give up the continuous shallow partying that seemed to be the be-all and end-all of her life.

If your idea of a triumphant day is getting your mother to believe your lies, you are not ready to raise a child. With all the people in the world who would give everything they had to have such a beautiful daughter, there would have been no problem placing that dear baby for adoption. But that decision would probably not have involved out-stubborning Cindy. And that, of course, was the most important thing to Princess Casey.

She has no idea of what her life is going to be like now. Those shallow "friends?" they'll be gone. Nobody will want her around with all the police watching her. She will get hate mail. People she doesn't even know will spit at her in the street. She won't be able to get to booze and drugs...

Speaking of booze and drugs, have you seen this?

Kid Finders Network Benefit: South Lake Extreme Pro Wrestling and Benchwarmers Sports Bar presents Stars from R.W.A. O.W.A. and S.A.W. For an unforgettable night including a World Title Match, Ladies Match all in the ring. There will be a D.J. Playing all your favorites

Join us on August 29 at Benchwarmers Sports Bar located at 14195 W. Col Dr. Winter Garden, Fl. 34787

Why are they trying to raise money? All they need is a hose, to get Casey to tell them where she buried her!


"And in all one is closer to being able to find Caylee due to they already know but not sharing but they want us to go out and look anyway since we have no clue but they do and law enforcement is making a bad precedent out of a missing child's case because apparently they forget/unable to just read Casey's mind like Jose can."

This quote is from a comment on Missing and Abducted, where there is quite a bit of intelligent discussion going on in the comments to some well-thought-out entries.

ETA (again): Looks as if I was wrong--according to this entry at Missing and Abducted, the State Attorney has released 400 pages of documentation, including the information that Casey wanted to place Caylee for adoption, but her parents refused. Though, why their opinion should make a difference...maybe because she was single and under 21.


  1. That idiot bounty hunter Padilla is from my neck of the woods. He's a real piece of work.

    The whole thing makes me sick.

  2. The whole thing is such a circus!

    Greta said that the skank stole money from her grandfather's bank account! How low is that!

    I suppose the biggest question is "Will Padilla bring in Geragos?"

  3. He and Geragos are birds of a feather for sure.

  4. He seems to enjoy defending baby-killers...I can think of two right off the top.

  5. Sometime in the last week or so, I saw Geragos on TV commenting-or at least giving an opinion about some aspect of this case.


  6. Heh. Yeah. Remember how he was all over the airwaves pontificating about Scott Peterson and how guilty he was, before he got hired to defend him?


  7. Firstly Ronni - nice new pic! You rock!

    Secondly, I have little to add to this post as you're spot on!

    I wonder how many whips with the hose before she comes clean about that poor, sweet child?

    Garagos is a laughing stock, imho. He showed his true colors with his about-face re: Scott Peterson. I wonder if it's more the infamy than money that drives him? In any event, he is definately highly over-rated.

  8. All I can say is you are right on with all your points and this whole case makes me sick. I have a 2 and 4 year old and believe me there are days, but when I kept my kids (both unplanned), my sole reason wasn't to have collaterol against my parents. How immature and disgusting! Some people should be forced to become sterile.