Friday, August 15, 2008

Good Times

Jim as the weird teacher in "Auntie Mame."

June 11, 2000. Our Wedding Day.

Jim with Ethan. Ethan was the first newborn Jim had ever held. Aidan was several months old before Jim got his hands on him.

Jim posing with That Damned Striped Shirt (TDSS) at Lisa's party.


  1. Honestly, dont know what to say. Except I love you.

  2. Thanks, Melissa...

    I just feel so lost.

  3. Your new picture is beautiful!

  4. Thanks, Lisa.

    I'm still surprised that I look so old!

    I keep gravitating to the "juniors" section of the clothing store, and having to drag myself away, before I try something on and get REALLY depressed!

  5. Ronni,love your new picture!
    I'm sorry you feel so sad and lost.
    They say time heals....I truly hope that is true for you.

  6. Hello, Ronni. You look great in that new picture...not old. Fabulous hair!

    Sorry to hear that you are suffering, but I understand the timing. I hope you eventually find some peace.