Friday, August 29, 2008

Class In Action

WFTV Video

Cindy Anthony was swarmed by media as she pounded "No Trespassing" signs into her front yard yesterday.

Cindy Anthony said she doesn't believe her daughter Casey was responsible for Caylee's death. In fact, she said she doesn't even believe Caylee is dead. She posted no trespassing signs in front of her home to keep the media away, but then continued to talk to reporters. Cindy said she's sick of the media hanging around her home and reporting on the investigation into what happened to her granddaughter Caylee.

This, after the Body Farm confirmed that the air test from the trunk of Casey's car showed human decomposition, and the FBI reported that the hair in the trunk was Caylee's and also showed signs of decomposition.

This woman carries denial to a pathological degree.

I have to think that, on some deep, unconscious, or semi-conscious level, Cindy Anthony KNOWS that Caylee is lost to her forever, and the only one she has left is Casey. All her emotional eggs are in one basket, and she is going to protect that basket at all costs.

It's going to get expensive, financially and, most especially, emotionally.
She hammered no trespassing signs in her front yard to make it clear that she doesn't want anyone at her home except Tim Miller.
"I want him to do a search around here to satisfy all of you leaches, parasites and all of you maggots," said Cindy Anthony.

(note to WFTV: that should be "leeches.")
So. Now, the media, to whom she was appealing so grandly not so very long ago, is now composed (or decomposed) of "leaches(sic), parasites and...maggots."

Why is that, Cindy?

Because they don't believe your daughter's bullshit?
Because they won't run the stories and interviews the way YOU think they should?

Cindy, your problem is that you want everything done YOUR way. I bet it has always been that way in your house, hasn't it? I bet "My way or the highway!" is one of your favourite expressions.

Even in the earliest interviews, you were talking about YOU. YOU hadn't slept. YOU were sick. YOU would discuss everything if the show host would devote the entire show to YOU, and not just give YOU a "two minute sound byte."

You say your anger with the media is because they won't focus on Caylee, but that's not it. They won't focus on YOU.

You have always been jealous of Casey, haven't you?

Casey was 19 when she got pregnant with Caylee. She told her friend that YOU wouldn't let her place Caylee for adoption.

If I had been Casey, I would have left your house then. I would have got in touch with an anti-abortion organization, who would have found me a place to stay and medical care. I would have placed my baby for adoption, and told you that, if you ever brought the subject up, I'd be out of your life forever.

But she couldn't out-stubborn you, could she, Cindy?

So. Now your granddaughter is gone, most likely dead. Your daughter is going back to jail, most likely a murderer. You have probably alienated your husband and your son. You have angered the press and your neighbours. You are going to be a pariah for the rest of your life.

You probably can't even MOVE and get away from it. You've been on national television, trying to tell Greta Van Susteren how to run her show!

I could almost feel sorry for you...


You brought it on yourself.


  1. That webcam should get far enough up Cindy's nose to cause a thrombosis. lol

    I'm likin' the look of that comfy cushion.

    Oh Cindy, careful what you wish for! Gettin enough attention yet?

  2. Are you being too rough on this mother? No where in parenting class did it ever prepare anyone to be the mother of a murderer--and Cindy is acting desperately.

    She is holding on to the last few days she has before she is pronounced the mother of a murderer. Who would wnat to change places with her? How will she celebrate Mother's Day from that moment on? Will she think that she did a good job????

    Perhaps we should just leave her alone for a while.