Thursday, August 28, 2008

Casey Anthony--The Mean Girl

Casey Anthony may have a personality disorder. I'm not qualified to speak to that. Her actions seem to put her in the Narcissistic, or borderline, or maybe even sociopath pigeonholes. These terms are being bandied about on message boards by people who may or may not know what they are talking about.

To me, she seems like The Mean Girl.

I met many examples of The Mean Girl when I was growing up. The one that always seemed to get her own way. She would lie, connive, bully and beat until she got what she wanted. She was capable of humiliating a victim one minute and "nice-ing" her out of her lunch money the next.

The one who would walk by with her little coterie of friends and whip the skirt of my school uniform up to expose the fact that I was not wearing the regulation navy blue bloomers.

The one who would "accidentally" knock the water jar over my tempera painting right before it had to be handed in.

The one who would be so sympathetic to my loneliness in high school, and then go and tell the boy I told her I liked that I wanted to go out with him.

The one who would borrow my beautiful dress that I had designed and fitted for myself, and then tell people that she made it, but she thought she might give it to me, as I liked it so much--and then return it ruined with hair dye.

If she wanted your boyfriend, she'd get him. If she wanted your necklace, she'd take it.

She could clean out your entire record collection in an hour--or anything else not nailed down.

She is a destructive force. She is a user. When she no longer has a use for something, she tosses it like an empty beer can.

Like Caylee.

ETA: The insanity escalates. There is now a live webcam outside the Anthony residence.


  1. Do you still believe she didn't deliberately kill her beautiful daughter?

    The girl is an empty lot, devoid of any feelings of compassion. She could have left Caylee with her mother or the friend who wanted to adopt her. Why didn't she...? Evil little ho!

  2. Once the DNA comes back from Casey's car, I wonder if she will accept the limited immunity that has been offered.

    She might just be arrogant enought to think she can blame someone else, like she has done all her life.

    I hope the bounty hunters take her back to prison, and soon!

    They look like a couple of numpties now, don't they. Or, maybe they were after the publicity.

  3. Ronni:

    Casey wanted to put this baby up for adoption from the start--I think it is really too bad that her mother tried to make a responsible mother out of her and insist that Casey keep the baby.

    I agree with the Mean Girl analogy--and like all Mean Girls--if you live long enough, you see them outsmart themselves.

    Casey knew she could not take care of this baby--and in the end, regardless of how this child died--she proved her instinct to be correct.

    This baby was allowed to come into the world where she felt love and returned love. Now she is gone and no one benefits--not even with partial immunity. Hideously horrible story.

    When I was in private practice there were plenty of pregnant people who would come into my practice who could clearly not accept the responsibility of motherhood. I became a Catholic pro-choice--here are the choices--1--raise this child as your own 2--place this baby with someone who will raise it as their own 3--exercise your legal right to end this pregnancy 4--get on reliable birth control when this pregnancy is over. Those are the choices.


  4. I am not a professional but she appears to fit the criteria for narcissistc personality disorder. There are 9 features of NPD and one must fit 5 to be diagnosed. To me, it seems she has more than the required 5.

    Being a "mean girl" is pathetic enough - being a baby killer is pure evil.

    Admittedly, I have not followed this case very closely but it seems that poor Caylee slipped through the fingers of many people.

    An unthinkable tradegy!

    When will we learn?

  5. Just wanted to add that having NPD doesn't preclude her from having other syndromes as well.

    She is bad to the core.

  6. I can't even begin to tell you how I really feel! Like you, I remember those girls, they always had good hair.

    I just can't bring myself to comment on this case, I just can't. It's another battle of good vs evil.....too bad it pitted mother against child.

  7. According to police reports "She continued to claim ignorance and at times laughed about the situation."

    She is going back to prison on Saturday, where she deserves to be. Yay!