Sunday, July 27, 2008

Take Me Out To the Ball Game...

...And freeze me, and soak me to the skin, pelt me with hail and scare me with lightning...

Here are a bunch of the fans, huddled under the bleachers during the rain delay.

Then, the rain stopped, and they rolled back the tarp they had used to cover up the infield.

Eventually, the sun came out, but it never did warm up again. I had had my mouth all ready to complain about roasting in the sun, but I managed to adjust to bitching about the cold, wet misery. I have to live up to my reputation as a whineybabypeepeepants, you know...

It actually sounds worse than it was...the Phillies won, and I'm glad I was there. Brendan was as cold and wet as I was, but having too much fun to complain.


  1. Wow, Ronni, what a fabulous photo! The light through the clouds is stunning.

    Sorry to hear that it was stormy for the ballgame, but glad that Brendan had a good time!

  2. Looks fun despite the issues!!

  3. It was fun, and I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

    Brendan wouldn't let me take my umbrella, which is made to look like a ladybug. It would have turned inside out and blown away, anyway...

    I got lucky with the photo...I'm pretty pleased with it. Thanks, Mtnwmn!

  4. Ronni:

    I was here in Jersey watching the Mets clobber the Cardinals (my team) when the announcers started talking about the weather at your game.

    But your pictures make the story better. Glad you had an EVENTFUL event.

    Where to next?

  5. Oh, I'm so jealous. The games are on far too late at night over here.

    Fabulous pictures, Ronni.

  6. I'm headed home, via Cincinnati and Indianpolis.

    I have to send Brendan on ahead, as he has his college physical scheduled soon.

  7. Oh my Ronni, Though I know you had fun,and the pictures are great,I could never have sat through that! It would have made me sick by the next day!
    I read that you are sending Brendan home ahead of you! Be careful by yourself.
    I am so enjoying your trip!
    and looking forward to seeing more pictures too! Be safe,have fun!

  8. I was wondering if that storm hit Philly. I was thinking about how much that sucks when you are at a game and the boomers hit when it was going on here.

  9. Great photos, Ronni. Yes, I can just picture the ladybug umberdella!

  10. Wow! Ronni, I live not far from the Phillies Ball Park and that what some storm you sat through.

    I wish I had known you were around. You could have spent that rain delay at my house. I would have loved to have had you.

    Your pictures are beautiful and Brendan was happy so it's really all good,isn't it?

    Enjoy the rest of your trip.. And safe home.