Monday, July 28, 2008

Going On Alone

Brendan will be home in about three hours. Chandra is going to pick him up from the airport and take him home, because he didn't bring his house key. I could have given him mine, but, if he's not home when I get there, I don't want to have to break in. The girls both have keys to my house.

I got a late start from Philadelphia, and never did find 76 west, so I got back on 30. We took that one a couple of weeks ago, to visit with a friend. I know it's very hilly, as I drove it before, sandwiched between a couple of eighteen-wheelers at nearly 70 in a zone in which the trucks were supposed to be doing 35. Hopefully, that won't happen tomorrow.

It hooks up with 40 at some point, which goes on into Cinci.

So, I'm in Chambersburg for the night, figuring it would be best to stop before the sun gets in my eyes.

It does feel a bit weird, but I shall put the sports channel on the TV, and I'll be fine!


  1. Pamper yourself for a change, you deserve it!

  2. Hello Ronni:

    Did I miss the part of your trip where you scattered the ashes?

    Virginia is a gorgeous state--where did you decide to do that?

    I lived in Roanoke--my children were born in Roanoke--I remind them that they are lucky to be Virginians--although they varely remember living there.
    Hope you are OK--if you were closer here--I would tell you to come here to New Jersey and lets hang out.

    Travel safe

  3. So far, I have found myself unable to discuss the scattering of the ashes. I'm sure I shall do so when the time is right.

  4. Hi Ronni,

    Your trip looks fantastic. I hope you are enjoying getting away.

    I have tagged you with a meme if and when you want to play... It certainly will wait 'til after your vacation.

    (((HUGS))) and peace during the rest of your trip,


  5. Treat yourself well.Sorry Brendan had to leave you. Be safe.

  6. You are some woman, Ronni. Full of guts and spirit. I love ya!

    Wishing you a wonderful trip.

  7. Hi Ronnie, just wanted to wish you a safe trip home.

    Relax, and enjoy.

    All the best Possumbear.x
    Looking forward to hearing your take on the Caylee Anthony disapearance.

  8. Hi, everyone...

    I shall check out the meme when I stop next--fixing to hit the road now.

    I am periphally following the Caylee case, and will put something up later...

  9. Be safe, gf.
    But don't forget to enjoy the journey!

  10. Ronni, it's chucking it down outside, so I think I will stay at work for a bit longer.

    I saw Possum's reference to the missing little girl, Caylee. Her mother is a real piece of work. A female Scott Peterson.

  11. Hi Mgt, I was thinking the same.

    I wonder if his parents are in touch with hers. They seem to talk the same talk.

    Cheers Possumx