Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Road Trip, Day Two

We ran into a spot of weather about 50 miles west of Little Rock, and were stuck with it most of the day. I thought about killing the day in Arkansas, but, due to various sports allegiances, Brendan appears to be allergic to Arkansas, so we pressed on.

To Graceland! Graceland was not a scheduled stop, until yesterday, when we saw a billboard. We really enjoyed the tour, and I bought a picture book of Elvis's 1968 to 1977 performance costumes to give Ramona for her birthday. They are truly magnificent!

As you can see, it was still raining, but not very hard.

For Brendan, it was a pilgrimage to the roots of Rock.

So, tonight we are in the beautiful town of Bolivar, Tennessee, and should be to the North Carolina border by tomorrow night.

We had a wonderful dinner at Joe's Restaurant and Steakhouse, which Brendan is currently sleeping off.


  1. WOW! Graceland! Did you get to take any pictures inside? I bet it was really neat to go there! I envy you!
    And look how wonderful you look too!
    and so happy! Loved the smile..the two of you look like your having a blast..
    mmmmmmmm Steakhouse........steak....

  2. Ronni:

    So glad to hear that you stopped at Graceland. I agree, that tour is fabulous. Didnt you love the ceiling in the pool room? And the safari room?? I could almost imagine Elvis sitting there.

    How many inpersonators did you see in the crowd??

    Travel safe.

  3. Elvis's presence was almost palpable.

    I got a chuckle out of the view we were given into his parents' bedroom. The bathroom, or at least the glimpse we could get, shwed two dades of purple ceramic tile, with wallpaper above that had poodles on it. I thought, how much more 50s can you get than that?

    He bought the house in 1957.