Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Elderstory

Camping With Mother Was published yesterday by Ronni Bennett on her Elderstory Blog.

Thanks, Ronni!


  1. argh. I had this argument with my father last night. He is all about killing the bears, though my sister and BIL moved into bear country.

    Me, more about dont FEED the bears and they will stay away. As though this man knows anything about bears. He grew up in Brooklyn to a widely populated area of North Jersey burb (no bears in the lowlands)

    He actually said he would put out a pot of (poisoned) honey, which made me laugh. Yeah, they are all like Winnie Pop.

  2. A lot of people, especially older ones, like to think about eliminating anything inimical. I think it may be because the world is so out of control that they are looking for something they can control. How old is he?

    My dad never hunted, but when we lived on Vancouver Island, there were cougars in our area, and my mom's friend, who lived around the base of the mountain, used to call us when she saw a cougar headed our way. I kid you not. Then mom would call a neighbour, and he would organize a hunt, and they would try to kill it. Everyone thought that was the right thing to do, because the cougars were dangerous.

    There are those who want to kill snakes, coyotes, badgers--if we can't eat it, and it could hurt us, we need to get rid of it seems to be the attitude.

    I'd rather live and let live.

  3. I have been active on the Dont Bear Hunt campaign for 3 years now. My sister even longer, as she lives in bear country. (and we are talking black bears here, not exactly killers).

    My Dad is 70, honestly I dont think he has ever SEEN a bear in his life!

    I saw a cub in my hometown (where they live) once when I was 17 and they thought I was lying until it made the papers that a bear cub was in the neighborhood. Damn cubby ran right across the highway! That was the first time I saw one. Now I have seen dozens since its a lot cheaper to live in woodsy areas then not.

  4. BTW, Frasier is teasing me and giving me belly shots galore, but when I take out the phone he just lumbers up.

  5. Jim and I were in Shenandoah National Park in the summer of 2003, and we saw a bear there. They said that they have only just started coming back in that part of the country. I figure, if you don't like bears, don't go where they are.

    Good for you, on the "no hunt" campaign.

  6. Night, Melissa...I have a gown to fix in the morning, for the Chemo Queen!

  7. When I read your stories, I can visualize the people. Always a great read, Ronni. Brilliant!