Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Ethan's First Vigil

Don't worry--he was only there for an hour or so, and we kept him in the shade.
They let me off work early, as the sangwidge biz was slow, V and E and I headed off to Taylor. After an hour or so, V brought me home, and I waited for Jim to get off work and went back.
I don't know how many people were there altogether, as it was like an "at home"--people came and went, and there were still folks arriving at sunset when I left.
Still, standing there, holding him, I had to wonder how many grandmothers there are here, in Guatemala, in Mexico, in Sierra Leone, in Canada...in all the places the prisoners of Hutto came from, who are afraid they will never see their grandchildren again.


  1. Oh My, he has really grown! Seeing him behind that sign, really brings it home just how vile this situation is.

    Good for you, Ronni! Ethan, too!

  2. glad to see you got the picture, and love your slideshow below.
    It was so great to meet everyone yesterday. Keep me updated please.

  3. Thanks so much for the pic, Ann!

    Mgt, he has got big, hasn't he? Hard to believe he's not quite four months!

  4. Great work, Vero.

    Have you asked other bloggers whether they would post a link about this abomination? I'm sure they would be happy to help out. Get Steve Huff onto it.

    Ethan looks wonderful. Big, strong and healthy. Gorgeous, too.

  5. It's not exactly Steve's cup of tea. There are a surprising number of bloggers covering this. Google

    Bustamante + Hutto + denied

    and see what you get.

  6. Thanks for the baby compliment. He weighs 18 lbs, and it's difficult to remember he is not yet 4 months old!

  7. Politicians must be sociopaths if they have no conscience or empathy.

    Why don't they feel the rage we do?

  8. Because they get paid all sorts of money. If you don't think they are getting kickbacks from the $7000 a month CCA is charging taxpayers for EACH PERSON incarcerated there, then you are more naive than I was.

    A very good job has been done of demonizing illegal immigrants, to the point where very few people are sympathetic.

  9. Well, I'm glad there is a furore over this concentration camp.

    When there is this level of abuse. An independent committee should have the power to arrest the Governor of the State, and leave him there until they can get access to the 'prisoners'.

    That should sort the bastards out!