Sunday, April 15, 2007

T. Don Hutto Detention Center

Here's the front facade of the building. We had to gather across the street. I'm guessing that, if we were to set foot on their property, we would find ourselves up on trespassing charges in a heartbeat. Jay said that the last time he was there, there was razor wire along the top of the fence and flags out in front. I'm thinking the flags were removed because the government and the company that owns and manages the prison don't want their logo and flag on the news associated with this place.

There are over 400 people in there, over half of them children. Hence the signs.

Here's the group. Very small, but vocal. The train in the background was parked across the street we were supposed to use to get to the place. The Intrepid Thirty found a way around. Maybe a bunch more went home when they found their way blocked; I don't know. What I do want to know is, where were all of y'all?

We are turning into a fascist state, here. Don't any of you care? Do you not care that a whole segment of our population is being demonized? You can sit on your complacent tooshies and have more important things to do, but I must ask you this: who is next? People who criticize the president? People who wear turbans? People who have body piercings? Gays and Lesbians? And, the toughest question of all; when they come for you, will there be anybody left to defend you?

Over 200 children imprisoned in the building shown in the first picture. Children. What sort of terror are they expected to perpetrate? These are not all Mexicans. Many come from other countries. Some may even be legal immigrants. The thing is, we don't KNOW. The prisoners have no due process, no court-appointed lawyer, no rights at all, because the right wingers have been brainwashing us into thinking they are derelicts that suck our lifeblood, when, in reality, they give much more than they take.

When they come for you, who will be left to defend you?

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