Sunday, April 15, 2007

I Can't Put Down The Confession

"G...And I kept thinking, what the hell do I do with the body? And thinking I killed my wife. Thinking--thinking my life was over."

"What the hell do I do with the body?" Well, gee, Stephen, wouldn't the time to think about that have been BEFORE you strangled her?

"...thinking I killed my life was over." What about HER LIFE, Stephen? Does it not occur to you that HER LIFE was a valuable as yours? Damn it, man, you were supposed to LOVE her. That means that her life should be more important to you than your own. What about your children? It's of no matter to you that you have left them motherless? I suppose Verena, who was "great with the children" was supposed to be their "new mommy?" You had already moved her into "your" bedroom. That may be a record in the "movin' on" department, beaten only by Henry VIII!

Damn, you are such a self-delusional piece of garbage! I still wish she could have slapped you harder!

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