Monday, April 30, 2007

Stalking the Blue Heron

I saw my friend the heron down by the Round Rock again today, and managed to get a picture before he saw me and took off. Unfortunately, this is the only pic I got that was worth saving, and it is borderline!

The rain came, and I had to leave. Notice the layers of paint on The Rock. It is actually limestone, but, back in the 80s, a senior class at Round Rock High School decided that a good senior prank would be to paint it maroon. The school colours are maroon and white. The little brats were caught, and required to paint over it. I suppose, by the time their kids graduate, it might have all worn off.

Here's the incoming storm. The red truck on the bridge has just passed the rock. The stone pillar used to support a rail bridge, which was replaced with the white bridge you see in the background.


  1. Great pictures, Vero. You must have a really good camera.

    It looks as though you live in an unspoiled part of the country. I love rugged looking places. The highlands look wild and wonderful to me.

  2. I would LOVE to go to the highlands!

  3. What great pictures, Ronni. Thank you for sharing the Blue Heron with us.

  4. I go on pension in about 7 years. If you can wait that long, I would love to do the Highlands and Texas. Motoring or by rail? I like both.

  5. I'm up for both, but you will have to drive.

    BTW, my camera is a Kodak EasyShare DX 6340. It's decent, but a bit of a dinosaur.

    It's just that the zoom thing is so pixelated at anything past 4.

    I am a photographic moron, and never would have dreamed of taking the pictures I do on a 35 mm.

  6. I'm okay with driving. You will need a woolly hat for the coastal areas. Beautiful, but windy!

  7. If my hats are not woolly enough, I can always get one there. Somehow, barring Iceland, I can't think of a better place to buy a woolly hat.