Friday, April 27, 2007

The Latest Press Release From Jay

From Jay J Johnson Castro, Sr.:

I spoke with Congressman, Ciro Rodriguez, the other day...

He told me that "THEY will not release the mothers. So the will not release the children." Who the hell is THEY? There is obviously no collective guts or conscience in Congress if THEY can allow children to be inhumanely imprisoned in America. It's time for those who are elected to defend the principles of defend them.

Can someone explain why we cannot treat the mothers with the same kindness, care and dignity...mothers that are escaping torture, rape or starvation?

Ciro also asked for an alternative to Hutto. Hello! We've been giving it. But political hand shaking is not freeing the children.

Compare this report about how Corpus Cristi is caring for children with kindness,care and the ICEy inhumanity being committed by CCA in Hutto. Here's the reported by News 8 in's the alternative.

There is hope.

But only if We the People...demand it for the victims of American America...



  1. Shame on countries that treat their citizens with so little respect that they feel compelled to risk everything, including their lives to come here to try and create a better life for themselves and their children.

    It's simply unforgivable.

  2. I understand what you are saying, Nadine, but I'm saving my anger for the American authorities who see fit to manipulate us into thinking that this imprisonment of women and children is OK.

    It is not.

    Remember when we found out about Halliburton building the prisons on unused military bases, and wondered what they were for? This is the beginning of the answer.

    So many of us feel that, as long as it's just illegal immigrants, it's justified. My question is, who is to be next? There are a lot of prisons.