Monday, March 05, 2007


I have been neglecting this place for a few days. Sorry about that!

I got sucked back into the Court TV message boards, discussing the case of Tara Grant, whose erstwhile husband has confessed to having killed her, cut up her body, and scattered most of it around a neighbourhood park. At least his confession means I don't have to put "allegedly" with all of that. He's another of these men who seem to think that they have the right to ruin the lives of their children and inlaws by robbing them of a person very important to them.

I know I harp on about these murders, but I just don't see why the usual restraints of civilization have broken down so much.

I know from first-hand experience how badly one can want to hurt another person. The difference is that some of us (most of us) have a conscience that tells us to stop before death or serious injury ensue. Why is that lacking in so many?

The other case I've been following is the murder of Michelle Young. That murder happened right after Halloween last year, so it has been a while. There's not much in the media, and the husband has clammed up tighter than a miser's lockbox, so all sorts of bizarre stuff has been happening on the boards, due to lack of real information. Including the formation of another board, away from the CTV rules and moderators.


Not to mention being extremely busy at work, getting some of the costumes for "Dolly" altered to fit the (supposed) measurements of the actors involved.

Plus, Brendan's show, "The Caucasian Chalk Circle" had its public performance on Saturday. It will be performed in UIL competition at the end of this month. I was pleased at how tight it is, and what a good job all the kids are doing in a play that is challenging for adults, let alone high school students.

I suspect Ms. Whitmore chose this play for the same reasons I chose to do "All My Sons."

There's a war on, and our kids need to learn a thing or two about it.

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  1. Ronni,

    Here's the deal methinks:

    Hate of haters fosters more hate so a hate crimes bill can foster more hate as well.

    Am I making sense?

    However, if we foster love of all people, then we have a different kind of vibe all together now don't we.

    To love everyone, regardless of who they are or what they've done is a little too ("Jesus") Christian ... so it may be too radical for some.