Thursday, March 08, 2007

Losing Weight

This "losing weight" thing seems to be easier said than done.

I've been trying the old method that used to work: eat less. Seems simple, doesn't it?

Just because something is outrageously delicious, doesn't mean you have to go back for seconds.

The LuAnn platter at Luby's is a perfectly adequate meal.

Eat until you are not hungry, not until you are stuffed.

All of the above.

How am I doing? So far, I've gained 10 lbs.

Methinks more stringent methods are called for.

I was strong enough to quit smoking; I'm strong enough to do this.

I truly hate the way I look. I have very few clothes that fit, because I refuse to buy clothes in this size. I must lose about 30 lbs (minimum) so all my vintage stuff will fit.

No more Dr Pepper.
No more chocolate, even chocolate covered marshmallow Easter bunnies.
Salads for lunch. No more ranch dressing.



  1. Try Diet Dr Pepper. It's not quite the same, but you get used to it, plus ... 0 calories!!! And you still get your soda fix. There is also diet cherry vanilla Dr Pepper. The cherry and vanilla give it an extra flavor, which helps.

    Hidden Valley makes a low fat ranch dressing that has a sour cream base which is actually quite good. Newman's Own makes low-cal stuff that is good. I haven't tried the ranch, though.

    If it makes you feel any better, I still have almost 40 pounds to lose before I can wear most of my clothes, and I just bought a size 16 pants. That's almost PLUS SIZED!

  2. I am new at this blog thing my son help me set it up. I would love to lose weight with u

  3. Thanks, Nessa!

    Connie, let's just do it! Working together is always a good thing.

    A local restaurant has a wonderful balsamic vinegar/soy/ginger salad dressing that makes my mouth water.

    Maybe I can find a recipe for something like that, and post it.

  4. Yes, I want that salad dressing recipe. the meal I cooked tonight on the grill was lean lamb, pasilla peppers, anaheim peppers, asparagus and eggplant. Grilling gives a satisfying flavor and the peppers add pizzaz. I sprayed a small amount of olive oil on the veggies to keep them from sticking to the grill. Voila! Satifying flavor. LOL Nessa I already suggested the diet dr P. Vero, it is the caffeine that you are craving. Pepsi One uses splenda. On the path with you! xxoomoi