Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Show is Over

Here's the cast and crew shot from "All My Sons." Stephen is a bit fuzzy, as he was scampering into the picture, after setting the timer.
The "crew" consisted of Christina, my Stage Manager. The cast is everybody else.
From top left: Jim Bayliss, Sue Bayliss, George Deever, Ann Deever, Frank Lubey, Kate Keller, Chris Keller, Joe Keller.
Bottom row: Bert, Lydia Lubey, me and Christina. That was it. That was all we had. Christina was also Assistant Director and Lights and Sound Tech. I ran one little set change during a blackout in the second act. All I had to do was strike two hats and a tray with a pitcher and glasses. Michael built my set and designed my lights. Christina designed the sound. Melissa, who played Ann Deever, sewed three dresses for the show, and Ashley's grandmother sewed her dress for Lydia. Some of the costumes, we rented from A Cut Above; some we made, and some we scrounged. Some, we already had.
The show came in under budget, which was nothing short of miraculous, because one third of the budget went for royalties. We didn't make a whole lot of money, but we did wind up "in the black," as they say.
I was so pleased with everyone I worked with on this production.
Thank you all so very much.

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