Friday, February 16, 2007


A director has asked Ramona (A Cut Above Costumes) to design a show in a very imaginative manner. She wants it done so that it is in "Ponsa Ponsa Time." Some unidentifiable era of the dim and distant past, or maybe the dim and distant post-apocalyptic future, where weapons are barbaric, and clothing can't be tied down to a specific time. This is not like "fairy tale time," or "magical time." This is a very real time.

I don't know if any of you saw a PBS production of "King Lear" that was aired a couple of years ago, but that production reminds me of this director's vision.

Example: Ramona took two 70s gowns, made of unbleached muslin, removed the elements that defined them as "70s," and combined them to make one gown. The sleeves and from one show over the bodice from the other, and the skirts combine into a layered look.

After the play has been performed, I will show you a picture of the finished gown.

This, in my view, is exciting and very creative. I love the way that Ramona's ideas mesh with the director's to produce something that could never be just rented from a typical theatrical costume shop.

Typical theatrical rentals have a director send a list of the sizes of the actors, and pull whatever they usually send for that particular play, sized to fit. Not a whole lot of individual expression there.

Her creativity is what puts Ramona "A Cut Above" the norm.

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