Sunday, January 28, 2007


The show went well today. We had a very small audience; we always do on the first Sunday of a run. An old friend of mine came to see it, and said that he hadn't really wanted to actually see the show, because he thought it was a depressing piece. He had wanted to let me know that his wife had passed away. I had actually heard, and wrote an entry about it.

I think about her a lot, and miss her more than I can say. She was a very good friend to me and I learned a lot from her.

Ben, her husband, did watch the play.

It is an Arthur Miller play, but not nearly as depressing as "Death of a Salesman," or "The Misfits," that very odd movie he wrote, that was the last for both Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe.

Joe gets his just desserts, by his own hand. That act frees his family to live.

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